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Do pre-Cana completion certificates expire?

Do pre-Cana completion certificates ever expire the way that marriage licenses do? As in, do I have to take a pre-Cana class within a maximum set number of months before the wedding or can I take it whenever and it will be valid forever or at least for more than one year (for example, if I have a long engagement, can I do the pre-Cana class right away and it will still be valid whenever I do end up getting married)?

Re: Do pre-Cana completion certificates expire?

  • those "certificates" aren't really official documents of any kind. It's just proof that you went through it for the priest.

    Ideally it should be done early on, so that any issues that come up can be discussed and worked on.
  • I believe you need to meet with your priest first and have a date set before starting the pre-cana, we had to at least.  

  • Hello,
    I have been engaged since December 2012, we met with our priest early on since we thought we would be getting married spring of 2014, when we met with him, he encouraged us to attend a pre-cana meeting as soon as we could...We did; it was March of 2013, then when we got deeper into planning we realized we wanted to save up more for the wedding so we pushed it out another year.  I asked our priest if we had to do pre-cana again and his response was "as long as we were still marring the same people we were good!"  So it doesn't expire as long as all the same participants are still involved.  :-)
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