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Invitation wording help!

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Since we had to move our wedding date up to January from April I am in a rush to get the invites done.  I need wording help.  We are paying for our own wedding so we are the host.  I have the wording down pretty much for what to do for my FI.  He is an officer in the Army.  How do I put that on the invitation as well as saying it is black tie optional (I want nice suits, tuxes, and uniforms).  I have attached a quick thing I did in vistaprint just to see how it looks.  I am DIYing our actual invites and enclosures.

Is it:

"Rank _ _ _
United States Army"

or just

"Rank _ _ _"

I was searching but could only find one site that said the first way but it looks weird on the invitation and he has no idea.


Re: Invitation wording help!

  • It depends on his rank. If he's a CPT or above in the Army, then it would be Captain John Smith, with United States Army on the next line. If he's a 2LT/1LT, then his rank would come after his name with the branch. 

    @Ilvmytxranger can confirm for me. She's a vet, a spouse, and a wedding planner!
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • Oh, and dude. Take down those pictures if that's your real name. 
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • @WishIcouldbeinthe'stan‌ is correct. Also, please don't put any real info with dates, names and such. People have actually had weirdos ruin their weddings because of putting too much info on these boards.
    As a new spouse, I'm sure you'll learn about OPSEC. However, PEREZ (personal security) is just as important. Please keep your self safe.
  • PEREZ! Lol. 
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • Oh Goodness! I hate auto correct. PERSEC
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