October 2014 Weddings

32 days out!

32 days out and I am trying to pull myself together and figure out what needs to be done!


Next Thursday 9/18 we are meeting with out florist so she can do a mock bouquet and we can drop off our bud vases for centerpieces. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The 25th I go for my 2nd and hopefully final fitting.

We'll need to head to our venue to pick up place cards since they provide them at no cost. I’m hoping to plan that for a time we are in the area. We will also need to meet with our DJ as well to finalize music details!

We need to apply for our marriage license which will be another 40 minute trip to the town our venue is in. Luckily we can do that before work. I am planning on doing that most likely 10/1.


I need to confirm hair/makeup with my girls! Is anyone else having this problem? 4 out of 5 of my bridesmaids live out of state. Because my wedding is on a Sunday I am having a family friend who is amazing at both do my hair and makeup and can do the other girls. She does both for a living and can come to my house. But I have been asking the girls to get me photo’s of what they want so I can get them to my stylist so she can work out pricing and we can work out a time line.  Only 1 girl has actually gotten back to me with what she wants… The other are like I want my hair done but that’s it. No ideas no nothing. So today I emailed them all and gave them a deadline of 9/20 to get back to me. I also gave them our local JC Penney salon’s info since they are open on Sundays with their pricing. I figure if its cheaper they may be more apt to jump on it.


I have sent my shower thank you’s. I need to purchase gift cards for my girls. (They’re gifts).


RSVP date is Friday! So whoever hasn’t gotten back to us will have to be contacted in the next week.


Anything I’m missing??


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