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1 Year from Friday/Project Timeline

Hey Everyone,

My one year out mark is on Friday and we just got our last vendor booked last night. I'm so excited but I know that this year is going to fly by I have a million DIY projects to work on, I was wondering how is everyone else working out their timeline on when to have things done by?
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Re: 1 Year from Friday/Project Timeline

  • YAY for your one year countdown mark.  That's a great feeling isn't it?  My wedding planner made a timeline for me.  

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  • I'm using the's timetable to pace myself.  Next task is engagement photos.  I'm also looking at bridal mags and pinterest boards to brainstorm.  In October, I'll be asking my bridesmaids and picking out the colors and starting to browse for dresses.  
  • I found the Knot's time table to be off for me because I have just been hitting every sale that I can and made sure to book all vendors as soon as the hall was booked to make sure I get exactly the person that I want.  Colours were picked the day of the engagement haha FI said our colour is royal blue so I was like that's fine but then the other one is silver.  I don't have an actual wedding planner but our DJ is also a certified planner/DOC so I'm pretty sure he'll cover everything that we need even at our initial meeting he covered everything and we still have 3 more meetings with him.
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  • I am also using the knots timetable to some extent and ones I found on Pinterest/ doing it my own way. Got the reception and ceremony booked back in the summer. Just found my dress and ordered it last weekend. Right now we are looking at photographers, DJ's, and videographers. I want to have all the big vendors like that done before the holidays so we will probably be making decisions on that in the next few weeks, then just enjoying the holidays. In the beginning of January there's the "wonderful world of weddings" show by me I am hoping to go to maybe start on some of the other things like cake, flowers, transportation, hair/make up etc. So far it seems we do a few weeks of calling/meeting people then a few weeks off of no planning, so its been not so hectic so far.
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  • I'm starting to freak because I don't have all of our vendors just yet.. I keep telling myself I have time.. A lot of people have been telling me to wait until the bridal shows that are occuring in the area in January to book the last ones that I need. Already have my dress, the church, reception hall and my photographer.


    Currently I'm looking into getting a DOC.. Or actually a Month of Coordinator. Meeting a couple this week/weekend. Not exactly sure that I need one.. Parents offered to pay for it. Even my dad thinks its a good idea so that everyone can just relax the day of.  I took a month off of anything wedding related because everyone was getting a little crazy.

  • I just need to book my florist.  I have a contract from the one I want but my FI doesn't want to go with him, so hopefully he'll get over it soon and I can say I have all my vendors.  I just got a contract from our hotel also for a block of rooms (guys, do this soon, my coordinator at the hotel told me she's been SLAMMED with wedding blocks for September 15 already!).

    After that it's mostly DIY projects like linens and my DIY cigar bar (whoohoo!)


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