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What to expect from a hair trial

Hey there,
My trial is schedule for this Saturday (actually right before my next dress fitting, pretty excited to see it all together).  I'm curious what to expect with the trial.  Specifically, am I able to try out a few different styles or should I be ready to say "half up" or "full updo" definitively??  I'm still debating that.  :\ I imagine she's probably pretty used to this process, so I thought I could show her pics from my first dress fitting and see what she thinks might look best? 

Second, it's a pretty steep charge for the trial, so should I be ready to tip also?  I don't really know the etiquette.

Thanks all!

Re: What to expect from a hair trial

  • I only had one option that I wanted to try out so that is what my hairstylist did.  As for if she will do more then one that is something you need to ask her.  Typically they will try to do your hair exactly how they would do it on your wedding day so you can see the complete look and they can make notes of what they did to get it to look like that so doing more then one hairstyle might not always be possible.

    I would take pictures of styles you like and talk to her about what you might want and see what she suggests not only for your style dress but hair type and season of your wedding (summer usually equals hot and humid, winter usually equals dry, etc, etc).

    As for the charge, remember this trial is taking the place of another hair appointment (or two) that your hairstylist could be doing.  Also, formal updos and such take a lot longer to do then a cut and style which is why they cost more.  I would treat this like any other hair appointment and tip the appropriate amount.

  • Cool, sounds good, thanks!
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