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When to "check in" on your wedding photos?

We were married on August 9 & our photographer told us it'd be about 3 weeks before pictures were done. This Saturday it will be 5 weeks. We haven't heard anything or seen a preview (he did a preview with our engagement pictures but didn't tell us specifically that he'd do one with our wedding pictures). Searching around it seems like that's a pretty quick window, and if he'd said he needed 8 weeks or something it wouldn't have been a problem... I'm just anxious to see them because he gave us the timeframe! lol :)

We really got along with our photographer & I don't want to seem like a pushy bride... so, when would you check in??

Just curious.


Re: When to "check in" on your wedding photos?

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    I think it is fine to send a brief, polite email that conveys - "thanks for all you did, I'm so excited to see the images, any idea when they'll be ready? I know you're busy, but I'm just so excited to see your amazing work!"

    It is wedding season, so 3 weeks is pretty quick. Check your contract and don't start pushing the issue until they are late per the contract details.

    GL! :)
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