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We just need something good to happen...

I apologize ahead of time for such a negative post, but I have been kind of MIA on here and this is why...We are dealing with so much negativity that we're finding it hard to be positive.

1.  Our 13 year old cat passed away this morning.  He's been sick for a while and he finally decided to let go.
2. We had a major set back to our relationship a few months ago (that I am not getting into because it would not be helpful) and we have both been working so hard to deal with that.
3. We have until January to either refinance the house I am living in into my name (which is in my exhusband's name) or move.  However, my exhusband KILLED my credit and I was naive enough to let it happen, so I haven't been able to get a loan.  Adam's exwife let the house in his name go into his credit is no help.  
4. Adam lost his job and has been out of work for a while.  He's trying to find something...anything.  
5. My exhusband (and his girlfriend) is quite often being a tool in regard to our sons and their schedule...and how I parent.  

We just need a break...we need something positive.

Re: We just need something good to happen...

  • Wow, I'm so sorry to hear all that. My 15 year old cat also passed recently, so I understand the pain that goes along with that. Additionally, my FI and I just had a major set-back as well (almost broke off the wedding), so I can also feel you in that department. Let's Adam good with computers? You could try starting a business online (selling earphones or Apple products, for example). You don't need credit, just a checking account and a paypal business account. Also, depending on what skills you both have, you could put flyers up at colleges advertising your services. I've seen some at UCLA with people posting their ability to tutor math or science, and they list their credentials (a degree and X years of tutoring, for example). Check out community centers for help wanted ads, or post your own stuff. You could offer to help with writing (résumés, papers, articles), computers (teaching or basic stuff like installing routers). Finally, try websites like or . No credit score to worry about, you just respond to people's posts for help. For TaskRabbit you need to do a Skype-interview (so they know you aren't a lunatic), but is just a free site you can sign up with. ~*~Positive stuff that's free? Some museums hold free or cheap concerts, visit the park [and have a glass of wine with cheese if you have the funds], the beach if you're on the coast, dog parks, and also churches -- they have a lot of events that are free. Or volunteer with one, to give you that good-feeling boost. Something else that's fun is to invite friends over for drinks and board games or cards; they can help bring snacks and drinks, since they probably know you're in a tough spot. Don't forget to keep posting on The Knot, because we'll try cheering you on, as well :)<3
  • Wow.  You've had lot of stuff to deal with lately.  First I am sorry to hear about your furbaby.  I have a dog and he is like a son to me.  I love that dog to death.  When it's time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge I will be a mess.  So I completely understand your emotions about your cat.  

    Relationships can be as beastly and they can be beautiful, can't they?  I am glad that you and your FH made it through.

    For the house I hope that you will find a way to stay.  If you have to move, I am sending good vibes your way to find a great new place.  

    @JacqC - your post was awesome by the way! :-)

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • Thank you so much ladies.  I just feel like when we fix something, someone else goes wrong.  Neither of us handle stress well, which is an issue for our relationship when so much is up in the air.  
  • @island07b2b -- Thanks for the compliment!!

    @ShannonLeigh1979 -- Ugh, that's a rotten feeling. My mom sometimes says that "once you move one thing off your plate, something bigger will replace it." I think that's just one part of life, but all the other parts help make that bearable. Like friends, and trying to do yoga via youtube to help with stress (hint). OH. You know what, pick up the card game "Dirty Minds." It'll make you two laugh when it seems like there's nothing to laugh about. :) Make a night of it--have some snacks and drinks; you'll have a blast! 
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