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Wedding Day Timeline!

Anyone else stressing about this?! No clue what time to start getting ready (Hair and make up for myself and four bridesmaids) for our 4:30 ceremony. Also what are your plans as far as feeding your bridal party (breakfast, lunch or both?) ?? I like to plan ahead, I like to have everything written down to a "t" and just can't seem to figure this one out without a little help! So, with all that being said- let me know your wedding day timeline (when speeches are, first dance, etc etc) ! (I am a little non traditional - no garter toss or bouquet toss, no cake - just ice cream bar)  Thanks ladies!

Re: Wedding Day Timeline!

  • Stressing about this ALREADY.

    Am planning an out of town wedding in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Small, intimate with 30-45 guests. Planning a 1:30 PM ceremony with cocktail hour to follow (outdoor at Heavenly Mountain Resort), then reception at an alternate, yet to be decided location. Something more casual like an outdoor BBQ since it will be earlier in the evening. Have not made any decisions about format of reception... still trying to find and figure out venue/food! I know reception is going to be non-traditional and very casual/relaxed, so some things like speeches/ tosses may not be included.

  • For bridal party feeding: @ my brothers wedding (2:00), the bride picked up a starbucks carafe of coffee and some muffins. She brought it to the hair makeup place, so at 8am when I arrived there for my bridesmaid hair/makeup session, I got coffee and muffins. I was VERY happy.  Then there was some pizza and beer in the limo right when the wedding ended @ 3 and we wrapped up church photos (limo driver was given the pizza order and cash, and the pizza place delivered to the limo outside of the church). BEST IDEA EVER!!!

    I highly recommend feeding your bridal party. I really appreciated my brother and SIL doing that.

  • I was just in a wedding last month with same number of maids and a 4pm ceremony. We started getting ready at 9am. One challenge we had was that everything was far apart - the hotel where everyone was staying, the salon, the "getting ready" location (the couple also exchanged their gifts and did first look photos there), and the ceremony all required at least 15 minutes driving in between so that was a hassle. 
    I would say starting at 9 works well if things are located nearby. If you start that early, be sure and have some simple breakfast (granola bars or something) and coffee for your gals at the salon. Around noon we had some sandwiches brought in while everyone was getting dressed, and that worked out really well.
  • It should probably depend on how complex your hairstyle and makeup are. If you're doing your own hair and makeup, practice in your free time. If a professional is doing it, find out from them how long it will take them to do it and if one person will be doing hair and makeup for all five of you or if they will have help. If a non-professional is doing it, have them to practice on you so you'll be able to get an idea. If it's simple, I wouldn't do it before noon.
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