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Bands - feedback please!

Hi! We are in the process of choosing a band for our wedding and I think we have narrowed it down to 3. We are really into classic rock type music (Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Billy Joel), but also really enjoy Motown and disco. We're not as interested in modern music (Beyoncé, Rhianna, etc.) If anyone has any feedback on the following bands, I would appreciate it!

Smokin' Section - from their videos they sound phenomenal. My only concern is they don't showcase so there is no opportunity to see them live. Also, I know they focus on swing/jazz type stuff because of their incredible horn section. So far they have been very easy to work with, but I'm concerned about not being able to see them before booking.

Band of Gold - we are going to see them at the end of the month. Not much to say about them as of yet, but the lead singer seems to have a killer voice.

Ariel - we saw them live a few weeks ago. Everything they did, they did well. But I am concerned about their ability to do some of the rock songs as they really only showcased top 40's and Motown/disco.

Re: Bands - feedback please!

  • The band we're having can play everything, and that's one of the reasons we booked them.  My fiance likes Motown and Classic Rock, and I am into Top 40 and modern rock, and they are just perfect for what we're looking for.  Plus, they are just different from other wedding bands we've seen, we saw them at a coworkers wedding last fall and felt like we were at a concert, so much energy, and their singers were fabulous.  Check them out,
  • I'd also recommend Mission Dance. They can do all of those genres really well. I've been to othe weddings with them and the floor was packed all night long. Definitely very highly recommended.
  • Just a follow up... We have eliminated Ariel as one of the bands that we are considering. We saw Band of Gold last night and were really impressed. So now we are down to Band of Gold and Smokin Section. As mentioned above, Smokin' Section does not have an option to see them live.

    If anyone has used either band, or seen them at a wedding, and has any feedback, I'd appreciate it!!

    @mellyD2014 - We looked into Mission Dance and they are significantly more expensive than the bands above. Thanks for the suggestion though!!

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