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Any hotel suggestions for a beach wedding in Puerto Rico?

Hello, My name is Marcy.  I recently got engaged (August 21, 2014) YAYYY!!!  My fiance and I have decided to have a destination wedding in Puerto Rico.  I have been in search of a nice venue that will fit our budget.  Just wondering if there is anyone with any info or suggestion for us.  

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  • Thank you so much for responding to me. We have set a budget of $8,000 to $10,000 . We'd like to have the rooms around $100 to $120 a night for four nights max (for most guests, others will be making a mini vacation out this time). We've downsized our list twice already and have come up with 80 for sure coming. The date we chose is June 26, 2016 (it's a Sunday and from what I've gathered from some venues, its off season time).
  • What part of PR are you looking to have it in?
  • Hello! That is what my budget is around, but we have way less, prob 40 max. What places did you find that were for your budget?

    Thanks!! could use all the help!

  • Condado Plaza
    Marriott Resort
    Hosteria del Mar
    El Convento
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