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eyelash extensions... has anyone tried?

I am considering eyelash extensions for my wedding.  I already have really long eyelashes, so I really do not want them for the length.  I want more "fullness" and for them to show up more in photos.  Has anyone had them?  Can you get them so they add more fullness and not length? I have tried fake glue on lashes but they do not stay on well and were uncomfortable for me.  Thank you :)

Re: eyelash extensions... has anyone tried?

  • You ought to give tightlining a shot. It'll make your lashes seem darker and thicker, without the need for extensions or falsies.

    She's got a good tutorial and explanation.

    I'm the fuck out.

  • I wouldn't spend the money on them.  If you have good lashes, I would go with tightlining as previously metioned, and doing a mascara combo to make them thicker and really pop.  My favorite combos are:

    High End:  Le Volume De Chanel and Benefit's They're Real!

    Drugstore:  Loreal Voluminous Maybelline's the Rocket

    I go in with one coat of the volumizing mascara first, and then a coat the lengthening one to separate all of the lashes. 

  • Whatever you do if you end up deciding to get extensions, spend the money on the good ones. A friend of mine got the cheap ones. There was so much glue used to attach them that they ended up sticking to each other as well. So when one was ready to fall out but the one that it was glued to was not she had to pry them off. It was very painful and took out 1/2 of her natural lashes in the meantime.
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  • I've had eyelash extensions for a year and I really, really love them. I'd say go get them for your big day, but make sure you check out reviews before booking an appointment. Some places are definitely better than others...
  • I had them when Fi and I first met. While they're awesome at the time, they ruined my lashes when I decided I didn't want to pay the upkeep anymore. My lashes were left short and sparse. You can't rub your eyes when you have them in, and when they start falling out and you're due to refill, you end up looking like a crazy spider with some long, some short spindly lashes. My advice, buy strip lashes and trim them yourself. It could just been that they're too long for your eyelid width ways. Are you hearing your makeup done professionally? If you are, tour Mua should have proper glue better than The one with the lashes. If not, you can buy it quite cheap yourself in places like Sally beauty or possibly ulta.
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  • I love eyelash extensions. I had them put on for the first time early this summer right before a vacation. Mostly, I wanted to do it as a trial run for my wedding. They looked great for about four weeks, and then they started to look a little weird as they fell off. I probably should have had them removed professionally at week three instead of just letting them fall out on their own. Once they all fell out I did feel like my natural lashes were a little sparser and shorter. But I'm also not sure if I was just so used to the full and long extensions that I forgot how my natural lashes looked on their own.

    Before I had them done I read everything I could possibly find on the internet about them, and read every single review of every single salon that offered them in my area before booking a place. I was most worried about the glue because I'm allergic to a lot of cosmetics, but I had zero reaction to it. The lashes felt WAY more comfortable and light than when I've worn the glue-on lashes that you do yourself or have a MUA do. 

    You can totally get ones that are the same length as your natural lashes, if you're not going for length. The place I went gave me three options for length, three options for curliness, and three options for shape. So you can definitely customize.

    I'm doing them again for the wedding, mostly because I am a total crier and I don't want mascara giving me raccoon eyes. I'll wear them through our weeklong honeymoon, but then I'll have the professionally removed when we get back instead of letting them fall out on their own. Hopefully that way I'll lose fewer of my natural lashes.

  • I've had them done about 6 times now - they're expensive but I love them. Mine last me anywhere from 3 - 4 weeks. You'll want to get them done a few days before the wedding as every place I have gone have told me they can't get wet for 48 hours. 

    Stay away from oil based products as well as they will loosen the glue and cause your fake eyelashes to come away from your real lashes. When you want them off... I just massage my lashes with coconut oil and they'll slide off after a little bit. DON'T TUG at them, you will rip your lashes out. 

    Other then that... They look great but I find them a little itchy. So if you like to itch your eyes like I do... They can be annoying since you really can't itch them too much without damaging them.

    They also recommend sleeping on your back if possible.

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  • This is a costly idea, but if you've never had them before I suggest trying out the extensions a few months before the wedding to ensure you feel comfortable wearing them and actually like them. You also need to make sure the person doing them is trained and qualified. I had a friend who got them at a fairly high-end spa when she was a BM and the technician made one side slightly fuller and lopsided which really didn't bode well for pictures. Good ones can look beautiful and feel great, but not so good ones would be more trouble and money than they're actually worth. Good luck and congrats! I'm sure you'll look stunning on your wedding day with or without them! :)
  • I've gotten them done! I have short lashes so I needed the length but I'm sure they can be customized. They are sooo worth it, they are gorgeous! I would contact a stylist in your area who does them with any specific questions you have.
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