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Trial.. meh

Okay I'm going to try really hard to get images into this post but not sure I know how.

So I had my trial Saturday, she told me to come equipped with pics, and I did, and she looked at the picture I showed her (the screenshot) and was like, "Oh yes, I know exactly what I'll do!"  The second pic is the outcome (and it's apparently sideways... whoops).

The style I got is just so smooth and precise and not really even close to what I wanted, although if I had this hair on my wedding day I wouldn't die or anything.  But still.  It was just so odd, and the more I think about it, the less I like it.  She said she'd add some texture to the sides, but then the top is so smooth.  I'm just not a fan.  And now I'm worried that this girl will interpret any picture I show her as something entirely different.  Yikes.  What to do?

Re: Trial.. meh

  • That actually looks very similar to me, especially since everyone's hair styles differently. Just am for a bit more texture on top and see what she does.
  • I agree. I really think it looks pretty much the same except for the bit of height at the crown, which should be an easy adjustment.

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  • It looks similar to me.  I would tell her that you want the updo portion slightly lower and that you want the top to be more piecey and texturized.  Just remember that everyone's hair is different and styles differently.  Depending on your type of hair she may not be able to exactly recreate the picture.

  • Ask for volume on top. Needs more poof!

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  • Interesting that you guys see similarities!  That makes me feel better I guess.  I think the problem I have is that it's just so smooth.. definitely want more texture on the sides and top.  And also I need hair on the right side of my face, it's asymmetrical as it is, and I'm just OCD enough to let that bother me.  :)

    Thanks for input!  To be fair, she did say it typically is better day of the wedding and to keep an open mind.  
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    I would take the picture of the example hair and a picture of the hair she did and point out where you would like to see some differences in your hair compared to the sample.  It may help for her to visually see what you are talking about.

    ETA:  I only liked my trial hair but absolutely LOVED my wedding day hair.  My hair stylist and I made some last minute changes and it turned out amazing!  So I fully support her "it is typically better the day of the wedding" statement.

  • I agree that the trial may not reflect how much better it will be the day of. I think that will be the case for myself, my trial was great but I knew she needed to polish the look a little and will do so on my wedding day...I will insist if she does not! But I do see that you wanted more of an organic, upswept look. I have curly hair so I don't know how straight hair works but I think you could take into consideration your hair type when expecting to duplicate exactly what you see in a pic. It may or may not translate well in your hair type. I don't know. But it is beautiful nonetheless and if you felt like if she could just make a few minor adjustments then I think you will be happy in the end. Just make sure you have specific feedback for her on your wedding day of what you liked and didn't like in the trial.
  • They look exactly the same to me, aside from the woman in the reference image having a bit more volume on top.

    You and she probably have different textured hair, and so yours is going to need more product to get that texturized, poof on top.

    Did you wash your hair the day or night before having your trial done?  Don't do that for your wedding.  It's easier to do updos if your hair hasn't just been washed and is a bit "dirty."

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    Yeah, I washed the night before and applied mousse (which they told me to do).  My hair is generally REALLY manageable as far as styling goes, I'm lucky in that sense.  I just think our interpretations of the picture were different.  But yeah I was expecting sort a loose, romantic-y, casual sweepy look and I feel like the one I got is a little too.. smooth.  For lack of a better word.  And there's this very distinct line between my bangs and the poof on top of my head (where the hair goes back), hard to see in this picture.  It just seems too perfect to me.  

    I'm glad to hear that wedding day hair ends up looking better, I think I'll just email her my thoughts on it, and we can sort it out.

    On another note, airbrush makeup is the shit and I wish I knew how to do it on myself every day.  Amazing.
  • I totally understand where you are coming from. I love the picture you brought, but I see a huge difference between the pic and how your hair turned out in the trial. It's not bad, just different.

    My MOH requested almost exactly the same 'do, and had to ask the stylist to start over 1/2 way through because it wasn't "messy"-looking enough, if you know what I mean. In addition to the volume/height, the first pic looks softer and more natural. The second pic looks more sculpted or something.

  • I think that what she did looks beautiful, but like you, I can point out a few differences. If it's not the way you want it, just make sure to communicate that to her. It's her job, and I doubt she'll get seriously offended by you asking to make it exactly how you want it! I think it just needs a little more volume at the top, and she shouldn't do it so "perfect."  I feel like it needs to be not so calculated in where every piece of hair is going to be, and more at random... I'm not sure if that makes sense haha! This style is absolutely gorgeous! Best of luck :)

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  • The backs are quite similar. The front and sides agree hugely different. The hair model is well, a hair model with tons of hair, so it'd be really hard to duplicate on a normal head. That said, she can do better, I believe, to give you more volume on the side and top.
  • Well, going in I was still debating hair up or hair down... I think I've chosen to go with hair down.  Not because I was disappointed with the style or anything, but I decided that I'm far too self-conscious about my shoulders so I'm going to use some hair to detract from that a little bit.  Plus, I would say my hair is down "in real life" like 97% of the time.  So, I emailed my stylist and asked her if she thought I needed to come for another trial or if we can figure it out day of; she said she's confident she can style it beautifully on wedding day, so I'm just choosing to trust her.  I guess the bottom line is, it's not going to look BAD, and even if I'm unhappy with it, my fiance is wonderful and will still marry me regardless.  ;) 
  • If you're just going for down with some curls, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure that is one of their number one request styles, plus I haven't seen many people who don't look gorgeous with their hair down with some bouncy curls.

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  • Yeah that's what I was thinking too.  There are some variations in like volume on the top of the head and where exactly to pin back hair, stuff like that, but I'm sure it's easy for them to figure out.  And a veil will hide most of the back for pictures and ceremony stuffs, so I'd just have to worry about the reception... where I plan to not worry about anything.  :)
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