How much is too much?

Hi everyone, 

I need some advice or favors. For our wedding we will be giving out traditional Guyanese black cake as well as Danish cookies in little boxes. (I didn't consider this to be our favor but I am now rethinking that) We are also having a photo booth where guest will get a print out of the photos they take. Should we still have a wedding favor and if so is having an edible favor like a chocolate bar too much? Or do we have enough with the cake and photo?

Thanks for the help!

Re: How much is too much?

  • Are the cake/cookies in addition to cake or dessert with the meal? If so then I'd definitely say that's your favor and call it a day
  • Yea, the cake and cookies are in addition to the dessert. I think you're right, otherwise people will be taking a whole goodie bag home
  • I think this is plenty. Favors aren't even necessary so this is more than enough. 

    What I'd probably do so that it's clear the treats are favors is to have them at each place setting. If you don't have room or can't for some reason, you can label them as such on an auxiliary table.

  • I agree with PPs that since this is in addition to the dessert, that this can absolutely qualify as a favor. 

    How do you plan on distributing them at the end of the night?

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  • That's plenty.
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  • I definitely think that's enough. If I was at your wedding, I would have just assumed they were the favor, even without the chocolate bar that you're considering. The photo booth is an awesome added bonus for guests! 

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