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Save the Date Wording

Help! How do you send Save the Dates with no date?!?

My soldier's deployment length is uncertain, and we will be getting married during his post-deployment leave. I am sending save the dates/ engagement announcements to family and friends because I want them to have a heads up that this is going to be on SHORT notice. How to I gracefully say "Invitations will be sent approximately 3 weeks before the ceremony" ?

Re: Save the Date Wording

  • I don't know, that sounds plenty graceful. Though, I'll be 100% honest and say that I would not plan a wedding for then. Post deployment is such a stressful time, readjustment to civilian life is no joke. I am not a fan of adding the stress of a wedding and a brand new marriage to that.
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  • Oh, and on H's last deployment, his HC changed a whole bunch of times. He got stuck in KStan for a week and a half and their flight kept getting delayed. I'd be too nervous even without the stuff in my last post being an issue, which it absolutely is.
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • I agree with Stan.  DH has deployed many, many times.  HC dates and windows have changed with all of those.  The only way I would do it post deployment is if there is a block leave date set a couple months after.  Other than that, it's too iffy.  
  • I think the wording you have is fine but I would be careful of dates and timing changed. Enjoy this time of planning and know that you can wait until all of this is behind you and he has had rest! Good luck! Praying for him!
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