Has anyone used Maui's Angels for wedding coordination?

Hi Everyone!

I'm brand new to the knot. I'm just starting to plan my Maui wedding for August 2015. I just happened to email Maui's Angels as I was looking at a venue that I could only find on their site. I ended up speaking with them and the owner has already reserved some venues for me without me even signing a contract. (Which seems pretty nice of her)

Anyways, before I move forward with them, I was hoping to get some feedback from other brides about them. I've gone through the forums and haven't found any reviews yet.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Has anyone used Maui's Angels for wedding coordination?

  • Did you end up booking them? I just signed up with them as well and would love to hear how it's going so far?



  • Any updates on this? They were my first choice planner, but I emailed them and haven't heard back in a week. What are other people's experiences with response times?
  • Just an FYI that I didn't hear back from them and it's been two weeks... to me, that's an indication of what may come through the planning process. I'm using Tina from Food for the Soul, since we're using their catering services and they don't charge 20% on each vendor you book. Also, I'm a very hands on bride with experience in events, so I want to do the research on vendors myself with the advice/consultation of my planner, who then runs the show and takes care of the details. Tina has been amazing so far and very responsive!
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