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Wedding Dress Maintenance

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How is everyone handling the steaming/pressing of your wedding dress before the wedding?  I had my bridal portraits taken last week so my dress is not a little wrinkled and needs a pick me up.  My wedding is in 30 days so I figured I'd wait until it got closer to get it taken care of.  Do most cleaners steam/press wedding dresses?  What is everyone else doing to get there dress perfect for the wedding?

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    My salon is handling it. It was a part of my dress purchase package. Once alterations are complete they'll steam and press it and hold it for me until I'm ready to take it to the venue.

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    I'm doing probably the most nerve-wrecking thing a bride could do; I'm shipping my dress to a place that will deliver and steam/press my gown before my wedding.  After they steam/press it, I have an appointment for them to drop it off, touch it up a little bit and steam out my veil.

    If I was not doing this step, I would have had my alterations place steam/press my dress.

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    My alterations shop is sending it out to be steamed for me.  After I go in for my last fitting, she will send it to get steamed and I pick it up the weekend before the wedding.
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    I'm completed with my alterations, which were completed where I bought the dress, David's Bridal, so I will reach out to them and see if they will press it for me.  Thanks for the feedback.  Good luck!

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    My salon is keeping the dress and steaming it for me. I'll pick it up a couple days before the wedding. 
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    the bridal salon is holding mine until the day before the wedding.  They will steam it that morning for me to pick up.
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    I'm not having it steamed.  It has been hanging the whole time and it's all-over lace with a very small train, so I think it will be okay.
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    I also got my dress and my bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal. I have to transport my dress and those of my bridesmaids and flower girl to another state to be pressed before the wedding. It's a free service the offer for purchasing the dresses from them. They say to allow a week, but I don't want to leave anything to chance, so am dropping the dresses off 2 weeks before the wedding.
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    Davids Bridal steamed my dress before I picked it up from alterations. They said that the way they hang it in the bag it should be fine, and to just let the bustle out a few days before the wedding if possible.
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    Yep mine too. But it's been in that bag for weeks now, bustled no less. I just want it to look pristine on that day. And one of the few things that was "free" for the wedding, I want it. Lol!
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