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I'm assuming no one will see this but figured I'd give it a shot! Our wedding is this November and after this current weather we have no idea what to expect in terms of the temperature. As of right now I'm thinking I'd like to have some wedding photos at Liberty Memorial. In case it is freezing, though, are there any locations that we could hit up that would allow photos inside? Has anyone ever done it at Union Station or somewhere like that?


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Re: Indoor Wedding Photos

  • It looks like we're wedding date twins! :) Congrats -- hope all is going well with your last-minute planning.

    We've been considering indoor options, as well, with the unpredictable weather. The only thing that I know about Union Station is that you have to pay a $50 or $75 fee (something like that) to take wedding pictures inside. My FI and I are okay with that if it means we're not out in terrible weather -- that's definitely our back-up plan.

    I've heard some rumblings before about there possibly being some indoor spaces in the West Bottoms/City Market area? Not sure on specifics.

    Hope this helps -- maybe our weddings will cross paths taking pictures! :)
  • Union Station is supposed to charge a few but security will look the other direction most of the time. I did my engagement pics inside there.
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