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Wedding party second time around...

Hi All! 
I have a wedding party dilemma... I was once engaged to someone who then passed away 4 months before our wedding. As you can imagine my bridal party was already picked out, I had 5 girls on my side and one girl was going to stand my late fiancé's side as a grooms woman (she was good friends w both of us). Fast forward to 3 years later and I'm getting married again. And am still friends with all of my original BMs which makes 6 already "on the list" and I have 2 more to add now... One girl is the one who introduced me to my current fiancé (i was a BM for her as well) and the other is a girl i regret not having asked to be in my 1st wedding party.  My current fiancé has 4 grooms men. I would love to have 4 but feel it is impossible to not to ask the original 6 (especially since I am still friends with all of them) and I just don't know about leaving the 2 new ones out! 

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