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Good Cheap Bakers in the Waterloo, Iowa area?

I am looking to get a 3-tiered cake for my wedding of 300 people.  I am planning on doing sheet cakes as well so the tiered cake will probably have one "fake" layer.  I would like to keep the top tier for us, and the middle tier would be for about 50 people.  If there is anyone out there that can help with price ranges in the Waterloo area, any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • You're going to want to post this to your local board for the best advice, and most likely it will get moved there by the mod's...  I've done a lot of traveling down in that part of the country (have family in that corner of the state)...  HyVee or Walmart are your "good and cheap" options down that way.  Be aware though that you may have to pick it up along with setting it up yourself and your design options will be limited to what's in the book.  You also need to factor in your portion sizes because theirs tend to be smaller than the average wedding slice when making your final decisions on what sizes to order.

    If you want a good baker, who's affordable for the level of work she does and will work with you, though isn't cheap, Kathy's Kakes out of Independence.  She's who we called about possibly doing my parent's anniversary cake off of many recommendations.  Unfortunately their party is out of her delivery area (not by distance but the conditions of the roads from point A to B during her busy time of year). 

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    Hi @BlairLong - I'm going to move this post to your local board for better answers. This is an international board. Thanks!
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  • HEY WAIT where did you move it to? The last I knew there isn't a Waterloo Iowa board... Des Moines is the closest... How is it an international board?? 

    We went with Kathy Greazey in Denver Iowa. She's the best price we found in the area. She was similar to Walmart but better tasting.. Hy-Vee is spendy.

    Also there are a few in Fairbank that do good work and will deliver.

  • The original post was to the "Food & Cakes" board which is an international one. 
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