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Something Blue - for the groom

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I thought it would be fun and unique to make my groom's gift items old, new, borrowed and blue - but I'm really struggling with that last one! For old, I got him a bottle of Old Pogue bourbon. New is a leather-bound travel journal for all our travels together as a married couple/family. His family always had travel journals when he was growing up and he has mentioned a few times before how fun it would be to have our own. Borrowed, I'm going to have to borrow his watch in the day or two before the wedding to have a new battery put in. If I do it any sooner, he'll either notice it missing or notice it working! And blue. There's a camping/hiking backpack he really likes that comes in a cool shade of blue, but it's more than I'm able to spend right now. I'm not sure what else I could do, but I'm open to any suggestions for things that are the color blue, have 'blue' in their name/title, or any other way of making it work!

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