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My fiance and I are having 3 ladies, and 5 men stand up with us for our ceremony. Based off of previous conversation during the last few months, I was under the impression were not naming a maid-of-honor or best man. Last night, he asked who I decided to ask to be my MOH, and was obviously upset when I told him I wasn't. Can he name a best man if there is not a MOH? Will that be even more unusual? 

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  • Your MOH is the lady who will stand next to you and hold your bouquet during the ring exchange.  That is all.
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    Yes, he can name a best man and you not name MOH. It's just a word/title. It changes nothing about what happens at the wedding. As you can see from my sig, the woman standing next to me isn't even the one holding my bouquet. Are they even next to me? They look sort of behind. I had no MOH, just bridesmaids. I didn't care who held the bouquet or signed as a witness.
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  • You could have as many or as few MOHs as you want - regardless of what he decides to do. Have them all as MOHs or no MOH at all.

  • Yes he can have a BM if you don't have a MOH.  The only way your guests will know if there truly is a BM is if you have a program and list the title and name in it.  Otherwise many people will just assume that whoever is standing next to you during the ceremony is your MOH or BM.  In the end it really doesn't matter because MOH or not all the people in your bridal party do the exact same thing.

  • True. Considering I am not going to have a bouquet, or a train on my dress, there is nothing for a MOH to do that would stand out. 

    Thank you!
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  • I think the MOH is usually the go to person for the Bridal party, which if you were having a larger bridal party, I think you would really need. They are usually the person who says, ok, time to plan the bridal shower and bachlorette party & gets everyone else on board. But with only having 3 girls, if they get along great, you can get away without having a MOH. No reason to pick between your girls. The only other thing that generally the MOH & BM play the role of are the individuals who sign your marriage license as witnesses. If you are required to have witnesses sign your license, you just need to figure out in advance who will be doing that.
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