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Destination: Florida vs Mexico Riviera Maya/Cancun

We just got engaged a couple of weeks ago. We both want a destination wedding but we are unsure of the location. I'm from Mexico and visited Playa del Carmen last year. I loved the all inclusive they offer but traveling to Mexico has some limitations for some friends/family. I looked for resorts in Florida but I'm not too crazy about Miami. We definitely want ceremony at the beach.

Any suggestions on some good hotels/resorts in south Florida? - We want a wedding on the 2nd half of the year - Sept or after next year, but date is not set.


Re: Destination: Florida vs Mexico Riviera Maya/Cancun

  • You may need to cross post this on the South Florida local board. You'll get lots of feedback from people planning their weddings at Miami/South FL resorts. There are a lot of brides on here getting married in Mexico, so you'll be able to get good advice on that side of things.

    I think you'll find that the cost of getting married in Florida will be much higher than Mexico. Many of the resorts in the Cancun/RM/Playa Del Carmen area are all inclusive and offer special destination wedding packages for those traveling in from outside of Mexico. You won't find anything like that in the Miami area, as planning a wedding there is like planning a wedding where ever you live. 

    Also, what are the limitations of going to Mexico? If it's having a passport, then you can look into the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico will probably be the most budget friendly of the two.


  • Thank you so much!!! I will check it out!!
  • Congrats @elizasp :) I am getting married in Playa del carmen at the Secrets Maroma Beach but if you are looking for a destination wedding in Florida have you considered the Keys? My friend was married in Key Largo and we had a blast! It was super fun but less expensive than Key West and guests could still drive to Key West of they wanted to for the day. I can get you the name of the hotel if you'd like?

    Also have you thought about St. Augustine? That was our second choice if Mexico hadn't worked out. There is so much to do and just beautiful!!

  • Thanks @Latillo and Congrats to you too!! :) I would really appreciate any suggestions you have. So far I have requested proposals for two hotels in West Coast Florida, but they are really out of my budget. I'm seriously leaning towards Mexico. (The main concern with my US family/friends traveling to Mexico is passports)

    How was your experience with Play del Carmen hotel (I head that's a great hotel :) )? is it easy to find local vendors? Did the hotel provides you with suggestion of vendors?

    Thank you!!

  • There's a Club Med in Florida.  Amelia Island is quiet, but really pleasant.  The added perk--no one has to get a passport, so they can't wait until last minute then scramble.
  • @elizasp We are using all of the services of the resort basically (flowers,cake, dj etc)  except maybe the photographer bc I have heard some bad reviews about him. I guess he tries to haggle you at the end for more money. We may go with someone else. The resort did not give me a list but if you just google there are tons of options that come up in the Riveria Maya area. Just keep in mind most resorts charge an outside vendor fee. Ours is $100 per person.
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