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I'm getting my marriage license this week and found out I need to put down what my married name will be at that time. I don't fee ready to decide so I'm thinking about keeping my name for now and maybe changing it later on. Basically, I like my name more than FI's and I don't want to do all the work it takes to change it, but if we had kids or if I had more time spend at the DMV, I'd probably change my mind.  
Has anyone tried changing their last name this way? Someone told me it can make the process a lot harder because a marriage certificate with a new last name speeds up the process. If I'm going to make a lot more work for myself in the long run I might just change it now.

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    Under Oregon law, if you don't indicate a new name at the time of marriage, or if the name you want to adopt is not one of the four options permitted under statute, you must petition the court for a name change. That is a fairly easy but annoying and more expensive process, which will require a couple of trips to court and filing fees. SSA may be able to change your name even if the new legal name isn't on the marriage license, but you do need to do it within two years or they request additional information to prove your identity.

    FWIW, if you haven't renewed your license at the DMV since July 1, 2008, you're going to be spending some time there when it is time to renew - you'll have to appear in person and bring your identifying documents, including your SS card and your birth certificate. I went through that when I renewed in August 2008. When I changed my name at the DMV this past Saturday, I just showed the gal my marriage license and I was out the door within 15 minutes; she didn't even need to see my SS card. I expect to get my new driver license in the mail this week.

    The most cumbersome part of the name change process for me so far has been dealing with my banks, since they want me to appear in person with my new DL.
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