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We are trying to determine where to go for our honeymoon these days. The location changes almost every week. The top two for a long time were Maui and Disneyworld, but Disneyworld is slipping out of contention. (We're trying to get pregnant and knowing my luck, it would happen and then I couldn't ride on the rides!!) We've also considered going to British Columbia, Puerto Rico and Mexico. We take off for the week on Sept. 26. 

Any suggestions? Where are you guys going?

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    We're in the same boat. I think for us it's between just a week in Mexico or just going to the coast for a week, saving for another year, and doing a big vacation to the South Pacific or Europe. If it were up to me I'd totally do Costa Rica. It's so inexpensive and you can bounce around from jungle to pretty beaches to cities.
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    we're totally just going to take the week off after the wedding and relax at home and do things that we dont usually get to do in and around Portland.  Next winter when we're stuck in this grey crap again, we're gonna fly down to Vegas then.

    this totally wasn't any help.  Sorry :(
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    It all depends on what kind of honeymoon you want... do you like adventure, relaxation, beaches or a combination of them all?  Budget? Time?

    We decided on the Big Island of Hawaii because we want a good combination of adventure, romance and relaxation.  We'll probably hike the volcanoe one day, go to a luau the next day, have some Hawaiian beer at Kona Brewing, and spend some time studying the paintings in the hotel room... Wink

    The flights from Portland are fairly inexpensive and you don't need a passport. 

    BC would be cool if you're looking for a city experience.

    Disney is fun, although you may want to wait until you have a 4 year old and then watch the magic really happen. Laughing

    Mexico is beautiful in many ways... and not so beautiul with contaminated water and such.  But, it would be an adventure, especially if you visited the Pyramid of the Sun around the fall equinox in Sept.

    I've never been to the other places you mentioned.

    You could always put them all in a hat and pull one out old-schol style. :)

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    [QUOTE] You could always put them all in a hat and pull one out old-schol style. :)
    Posted by rain2555[/QUOTE]

    I like that idea! lol.

    We're totally going to Disneyland! I'm so very excited...but we won't be going until February.

    The original plan was to go to Hawaii, but our budget just couldn't handle it. 
    I'd say if you can do it, go to Maui. But that's just me. :D
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    If you go to Maui you HAVE to go see Ulalena in Lahaina. It's seriously one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen.
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    I'm really leaning toward Maui now that Disney World is out of the picture .. just gotta make it fit the budget. I'd love to go to Costa Rica though. Now I have more places to research!
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    Um, now that I know Harry Potter World was on the agenda for DW, can I change my vote?
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    My fiance and I love traveling and so we were considering doing something a bit out of the ordinary and adventurous. We have decided on starting on the mexican riviera for a few nights then moving down to Costa Rica and Panama, then continuing on with a mountain/ amazon backpacking adventure through Bolivia and Peru, We want to see the Inca ruins in Machu Picchu and the city in the center, Cusco. We are going to fly out of our last stop, Rio di janeiro (In Brazil). We are getting pretty excited! Good luck with your planning :)
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    My fiance and I just went to Disneyland last month (where he proposed) and it was very stressful at times. There are people everywhere, things are super super expensive, it's hot and the lines are sometimes pretty crazy. IF you don't mind those things they I would say go for it! (of course not if you are trying to get pregnant) But we really did have so much fun acting like 5 year olds and enjoying all the magic Disney has to offer. 
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