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Feeling sick to my stomach with this planning

I was doing so good with being on top of everything but now that we're getting so close I'm starting to slack a bit...and there's still SO much to do, and I want to puke every time I think about it! The majority of the planning that is left is based on headcounts, so I can't do that yet. I still need to contact our officiant (I didn't do that this past week during work hours...but 2 days last week I didn't get a break or lunch so it was a little difficult to make all of my phone calls), have FI pick out his attire so I can figure out what I'm doing for our boys (I'm thinking just buying black slacks, white button up shirt, black dress shoes, and renting jackets and possibly ties), still need to contact the bakery (but we're going non "wedding" cake so I feel okay putting that off), need to figure out the songs still, and find a hotel room for the evening.

Once I get the headcount I'll be able to rent table linens, order the food, and get our plates/napkins/cutlery/etc. (there's a 30 day return policy so I'm thinking that mid-November I'll go ahead and buy the maximum amount I'll need and then return what I don't open after the wedding). I'm sure I'm missing something, but we'll see! I'm going to searching through check-lists and budget calculators today to see what I'm forgetting.

Re: Feeling sick to my stomach with this planning

  • Maybe if you break it down it wont seem so scary :)

    Immediate to dos (by Oct 1):
    - book officiant
    - decide on attire for your FI and the boys
    - book that hotel room

    Intermediate to dos (30 days prior):
    - get the marriage license
    - arrange for a cake

    2 weeks before:
    - final head count for caterer
    - linens
    - songs

    Double check your lists.  I vote doing the black slacks thing for the boys and renting the rest of the formal wear. 
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  • Agreed- breaking it down will help.  Tackle the things you can tackle now and get them off the list. Book an officiant because without an officiant you aren't going to be married. Next I would deal with the attire.  The boys don't have to exactly match your FI so it's fine to pick theirs first and cross it off the list.  Book the room.  Those three projects don't depend on your guest count so you can cross them off the list now.

    Get your license next (or within the parameters of your local laws- in CT you can get it 65 days ahead and in other places it's more or less time than that). 

    Worry about cake and music last.  Cake is unlikely to go to waste so if you have a little extra that's okay- go ahead and order before you have a final count.  If you don't have a chance to sit down and pick out specific songs, ask friends or the DJ for suggestions.

    When do you need a final head count for rentals/ caterer? When is your RSVP date? 
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