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Garden Wedding Venue in Southern California

I've become quite frustrated in my search for the perfect venue over the last 4 months, and I am hoping the community can help me.
What I'm looking for:

Outdoor garden venue
150 guests
Be able to stay with music until at least 11pm
Must allow liquor
My total budget for the wedding is 15-18K

I am open to almost anywhere in Southern California. I have been through the suggestions on many websites and blogs, and been to two bridal shows. I have started a spreadsheet and am up to 39 locations I've contacted and most of them are too expensive.  BYO would be a great way to bring down the price. Let me know any ideas, or where you have had your weddings that might fit the bill.

Re: Garden Wedding Venue in Southern California

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    I don't know the pricing much. And I apologize in advance if these are already in your list or if you have already found one.

    Couple suggestions: 

    • Point Loma Nazarene University - you have both garden and beach view.
    • NTC Venues - this place is breath taking, and I think the Luce Court and Legacy Plaza is kind of what you're looking for. And, I definitely know that they allow music until midnight.
    • Presidio Park  - I am not sure about this one.
    • Old Poway Park - This park is beautiful if you are into garden/country style
    • Balboa Park - this place has multiple outdoor venues. 

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    have you looked into Newport Dunes in Newport Beach? they have a lawn area with tall hedges and a gazebo that overlooks the water... would make a beautiful garden themed wedding. outdoor wedding reception music must end at 10pm, but they do have an indoor facility that may go until 11pm. 

    also... if you haven't already inquired... franciscan gardens. this venue was absolutely stunning! i don't recall if the music was permitted past/around 11pm though. 

    g'luck! you'll find your perfect venue soon! stay positive! 
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    Have you looked at Villa del Sol in Fullerton? It's not a garden, but it is an outdoor courtyard with gardeny elements (plants around the edges, string lights, a fountain). We just got married there in October and I have nothing but rave reviews of the venue and the staff and everything. It might be a little pricier than you are looking for, but it's an option. They have a smaller courtyard off the side of the main courtyard that might be cheaper. We rented out the main courtyard and I think the venue rental was around $5,000. Table/chairs were separate from that. We went with the top of the line rentals for around 150 guests and it added another $2k+, but you can get cheaper rentals than what we went with.

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    Oh, and you can play music until 11:45. There are tons of bars nearby as well if you want to carry over to an afterparty.
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    We also looked at the Women's Club of Orange, in the City of Orange. It was a lot cheaper, and has a cute garden area. It seemed a little bit run down though, and it was very DIY (whereas the Villa del Sol is a well-oiled wedding machine that requires very little effort on the couple's part). We also considered the French Estate in Orange, but it had the weird rule about music being turned off really early.

    Oh and The Hacienda in Santa Ana. Also not a garden per se, but has that feel to it. I can't find what they quoted me, but I remember it was one of the cheaper places. We never looked at it in person though.

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    I looked at two related venues in Laguna Beach that met most of these criteria (if I remember right). Trivoli Terrace and Tivoli Too. 

    TONS of flowers everywhere. One has a waterfall that is used as the back drop to your ceremony. 

    I got a quote for 100 people that included 630 PM ceremony with reception lasting until 11PM. Price included ceremony, linens, tables/chairs, silver, china, glassware, sit-down dinner, appetizers, cake and bar with beer, house wine and champagne. Cost was $100/person before service charge and tax. With service charge and tax it was just under $13k and there wasn't too much more we would have to bring in from outside vendors. 
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    Also, while not a garden check out the Weins Family Cellars in Temecula. It's at a vineyard instead of a garden but they also meet all of that criteria and handle almost EVERYTHING for you. 

    Includes on site ceremony, reception, cocktail hour. Since they are a vineyard you get to pick from their wines (which are amazing) and the all inclusive bar includes up to 4 wine and 4 beer choices. They have a few different locations on site for use. They include linens, chairs/tables, and you really only need to bring in a DJ, officiant and photographer. Our quote for 100 adults and 10 children was just under $14k with tax and service charge. Before that, it is $100/person and children are $28/child. 

    They were my number two choice. We almost booked them but decided to go with a hotel more local to our area as we had so many out of town guests (we are getting a group rate and our out of town guests can just go form their room to the wedding downstairs). 
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    El Dorado Golf Course (outdoor, not super gardeny though)
    Rec Park 18 (you'll love the ceremony space)
    University Club (outdoors, lots of trees)
    South Coast Botantic Garden (obvious :smile: )

    Not sure about the 11pm part but it should fit most of your other requirements.
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    We're having our wedding at the Fullerton Arboretum. Finding an affordable garden venue in Socal was ridiculous. Sure, Rancho Las Lomas and the Francisco an Gardens are gorgeous but they cost more than my car without adding food or flowers! The only restrictions the Arboretum has is no real (fire safety regulations) and no hard alcohol (beer/wine ok). There are 2 ceremony locations: arbor & lake.
    Besides that, the other venue we liked at was the Sherman Library, but it just want what I wanted.
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    Try Alta Vista Country Club in Placentia.  They have really good options with and Open Bar that was well in our budget.  They have a Gazebo that is private for the ceremony.  You can decorate the Gazebo and outside area.  Super Cute.  Taryn is super easy to work with and loves all Brides.  
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