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Love Letter Box Ceremony?

I was wondering if anybody else is using this idea?

I like the idea, but I don't know if I like what would be going in it.  I would like it to be unique.

I was thinking about getting a wooden box with our names on it and putting things in it that is important to us.  So I was thinking of putting like our program in it and various things but also have parents from each side bring something forward in the ceremony (something that is special to them on their wedding day) and put that in our "love box". 

Let me know what others have done and what you think!
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Re: Love Letter Box Ceremony?

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    [QUOTE]...<strong>put that in our "love box</strong>" Posted by mrsweber11[/QUOTE]

    This makes me laugh.  Thinking about the wedding night??? Ha.

    Seriously though, it sounds like a cute idea.
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    we were thinking doing that too during out ceremony, but I think we might just do something privately that night when we get to our room...similar to what the other girls said.
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    LOVE that idea.  Although when I originally read the post title I thought you were going to have like a sealed box with love letters you two had written to each other and pull them out and read them during the ceremony.  Not sure how I feel about that.
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    My FI and I are going to do this, but with the wine as well. We were going to have a wine box custom made and in the ceremony our pastor was going to ask for the box then we put the wine inside with the letters. Then we close the box and lock it for our fifth wedding anniversary. Just a little something to make our ceremony extra-special. Plus it would be really cool to open for our anniversary!

    You should definitely add other little things that  are special to the both of you. Like tickets to a movie that was special to you, or a menu to your favorite restaurant. You could even decorate the box with these things or your favorite pictures.

    Let me know how it turns out!
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    I'm doing this for our unity ceremony too! Is anyone planning on going with a wine-theme or something along these lines for the rest of the wedding??
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