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Caribbean Honeymoon question..Help!

Hi everyone, My fiancé and I are getting married August 1, 2015. We are starting to think and price out honeymoons. We would love to go to St. Lucia or Barbados, but we are unsure of the hurricane season. Has anyone been to these islands during early August? We have heard that September is worse for hurricanes. Not too sure, though. Has anyone been to the Sandals resorts? Can you recommend these or provide any tips? Any help would be great! I am totally lost! Thanks!

Re: Caribbean Honeymoon question..Help!

  • August is in prime hurricane season.  So is September.  You should absolutely buy travel insurance for your honeymoon, especially if you are staying in one place.
    Have you considered a cruise?  A cruise will take you to several islands for the day, and if a hurricane happens, they simply go somewhere where the hurricane isn't a problem.
    Here is an article about dealing with hurricane season:  http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=146
  • I echo what CMGragain said.  We went to St. Lucia and Barbados on our honeymoon cruise (as well as St. Kitts and St. Maarten and we left from San Juan, PR).  We sailed during hurricane season in October.

    I do believe reading that the Southern Caribbean doesn't get hit as much as the rest when it comes to hurricane season...

  • Agree with pps, especially with getting insurance. I would not give up my first choice trip b/c of hurricane season.

    Also, def use the search function at the bottom of this board to see what others did for hurricane season and to learn more about Sandals and similar properties.


  • Thank you everyone! We are definitely buying insurance, but I definitely don't want to give up our first choice. We heard Barbados does not get hit and that St. Lucia is more southern so they wont get hit so badly. I'm hoping this is the case. I appreciate the cruise ideas, but we both get really bad motion sickness so unfortunately, we are not going to do a cruise. We would also like to explore just one island for the week. Sounds like you all had a great honeymoon!
  • I think Antigua is also a "less likely to get hit" place. And there is a sandals resort there
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