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Hi ladies, So here's the deal-

We are trying to do as much of a budget weddingas possible, however we are willing to splurge on things like a photographer, who we already found :)
We need your help to find a location, catering can be included or not, and it needs to be able to accommodate 100 guests. We really want an outside wedding, and are hoping to do it 9/10/11. We both like the idea of a bed and breakfast, an old barn, really anything outdoors. We also want to have the ceremony and reception at the same site. We would like to find a site for no more than $2500 not including catering, but would love anything cheaper. I am going to be trying to do flowers and table decorations etc, myself. Looking forward to your responses!

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    We were married at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (outside of their historic barn).  The nice thing about the McMenamin's properties is that you only pay a food and beverage minimum (no separate site rental fee) and that includes your site, your food/ drinks, your tables/linens/etc.  Our entire wedding was done on $5000, so it was definitely a budget friendly venue ;)

    Other places to check:
    Settlemier House in Woodburn
    Scappoose Creek Inn (they have a great old red barn and are a B&B)
    Camp Colton
    Any of the McMenamins hotel properies (Edgefield, Grand Lodge, Kennedy School, etc).

    Good luck!
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    The Lion and the Rose bed and breakfast in Portland allows for indoor or outdoor ceremonies and/or receptions.  Depending on how many guests you have it would fall into that price range probably.

    Check it out: http://www.lionrose.com/weddings.html
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    Mayflymanitou- could you e-mail me, as I have some questions for you?  [email protected]

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    There is also a really cool barn out just west of Salem off of Highway 22. It is on Highway 50 west of Salem, and north of Independence. The name is drawing a blank at the moment, but I was at school at WOU for 3 years and drove by it so often I almost forgot about it. There were weddings there all the time, and it had the outdoor area as well as inside the barn for those who wanted to sit inside. Beautiful grounds and foliage all around...
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    srschilling... I think you're thinking Green Villa http://www.greenvilla.us/. My step-sister got married there... they had good prices then (4 yrs ago?) with tables, chairs, and some other stuff included (you bring your own caterer). I haven't seen the outside... they did both ceremony and reception inside.

    Another barn-type feel is Mission Mill Museum. The Dye House holds 120 max at tables (no dancing room). They provide tables and chairs. You can get married outside in the grass, or they have a little chapel onsite for rainy weather. www.missionmill.org

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    Katelyn- YGM!
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    I got married at Settlemier and had a great experience. Had the knot not eaten my bio you could see pictures and read my review. ::grumble, grumble:: If you want either, just page me or write Settlemier as a your post title and I'll try to check in sometime soon.

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    The Log House Gardens at Willow Lake Nursery in Keizer is also GORGEOUS...but I'm biased because I'm getting married there in July ;)


    (no "s" in the URL, that takes you to something else)
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    I know of a private residence with a barn and outside areas in West Linn that holds events.  If you're interested, email me [email protected] .
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    Thank you all so much for your help. I am definitely going to be contacting a lot of those sites today. Thanks again!
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    We got married at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse too. We had 130 guests and paid under $7k for the whole thing including a tent rental for the outdoor dinner. 

    A friend of ours got married at the Farm B&B near Trout Lake WA. Great place as well. Other friends just got married at Husum Highlands B7B near there as well. 
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    Two places is Postlewaits farms in Canby and McClean House in West linn
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