Hi there. I got married almost four years ago and haven't been on this site in a long time. It was so helpful to me though as we planned our wedding and fun to help others.

Anyway, I'm designing all of the wedding stationery for someone who is doing a destination wedding. The bride would like to do envelopments for the wedding invitation. What are the latest and greatest websites (or local vendors) for envelopments? Of course cost is a component so if any of you have done some research on the most inexpensive out there, I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

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    You can get them at Paper Zone. They also have books, samples of stuff they don't carry.
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    Paper zone is great! There sales ladies are super helpful and will walk you through the whole process.
    They often have sales. When I got my envelopment they were having a St. Pattys day sale. You bought a shamrock and then your Next purchase was 20% off. We got some stuff and then went back the next day and got 20% off our 200+ dollar order!
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    I love Envelopments too, and Paper Zone is the place to get them in Portland. They have tons of options and colors that aren't in the store, and you can do a special order. If it's $150 or more, they won't charge a shipping charge.
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