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We are having our ceremony outside at the McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, and our reception inside at the Octagonal Barn. Our wedding is going to be September 1. We are going for a casual look, FI and groomsmen will most likely be in slacks and matching shirts. Our reception is going to be a cocktail reception. My question is, did you do pocket fold invites, or regular invites? why? and what was the formality of your wedding?


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    I'm doing pocketfolds. We chose them because we just liked the look of them. But also because it's nice to have the little pocket to place all the inserts in to make it all look nice and neat.
    Our wedding is semi-formal I'd say. FI wants suits or really simple tuxes. Our ceremony is at 5:30 though so we will have a cocktail hour and a seated dinner because it's right around dinner time and I want to sit and eat and chill with my new husband!
    Basically we chose the pocket fold because we liked the layout and look of it better. It had nothing to do with formality. You can still use either and depending on font style and colors used that will help indicate the formality IMO.

    Hope that helps!
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    We are also doing a fairly casual wedding at McMenamins Grand Lodge! The guys will be wearing button-down shirts, suspenders and ties...girls in brown dresses. I went with regular flat invitations...found some really pretty ones at Target that I printed off at home. I think the actual wording of the invitation seems to dictate the formality of the wedding than the invitations themselves. We made it clear ours is more a celebration. We are having dinner...but just barbeque food - hot dogs, hamburgers, brats and chicken.
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    We are using pockets just 'cause I liked the color they had at Michaels.  (I get weekly coupon e-mails so I got all my DIY invites for 40% off!)  Our wedding is semi-formal, IMO.  The boys will be in tuxes, but BMs will wear short dresses.  Also, it will most likely be early afternoon.  A sit-down dinner, but just pasta or something (also DIY).  Like others have said, wording and font does a lot for formality.  Also the actual type of paper they're on.  A thick piece of colored, textured, or otherwise special paper would, to me, be more formal than a white sheet of cardstock. 

    We were going to go with some flat invites, but I just liked the pocket ones better.  =)
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    Ours is folded over, but not a pocket because we liked the look of it.

    I went that route because it seemed to fit our theme the best. we looked at a flat sheet that had a similar look and was cheaper, but we felt the paper quality was lacking and we didnt like it quite as much.  Just pick something you both like the look of.  micheals, walmart, etc have ones you can print yourself and theamericanwedding.com has a ton of custom printed ones for very reasonable prices.
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    I don't think pocket folds or not have anything to do with the formality. Any invite can be changed to seem more or less formal (paper, colors, fonts). Find something you like and work from there.
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