Ecotrust Excusive catering list - preferences?

Hi. Planning a wedding for next summer and must use one of the following for caterers.  Any experiences with any of these in PDX?
Art of Catering, Artemis Foods, Culinary Artistry, Crave Catering (have e-mailed them now 3 times with no reply over the past 4 months), Food in Bloom, phresh and Simpatica Catering.
Thanks for your reviews.  Any suggestions for keeping expenses down for serving, bar/beverage service, etc?

Re: Ecotrust Excusive catering list - preferences?

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    No recommendations, but if you're trying to keep costs down:
    try a buffet or no liquor (just beer and wine)

    Our wedding was in the late afternoon, we had all the beer and wine anyone could ever want and a giant buffet of apps, salads, etc. - they passed 2 or 3 around while people got drinks/we took pics and then when we came back, buffet. It was a hit.

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    A friend used Food in Bloom for her wedding last summer, and the food was great. I know my friend had a tight budget for her whole wedding, so I was expecting rather typical wedding food. It was fantastic. There was a vegetarian option and salad and steak, and the help was attentive and unobtrusive.
    We're still trying to figure out our venue, but if we end up with one that includes Food in Bloom, we're going to try to get them for our wedding.

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