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Using AirBnB in Europe

We are planning our honeymoon to Paris over Winter break and I'm trying to put everything together soon.  I was wondering if anyone has used AirBnB before in Paris?  Or really anywhere in Europe just to get some reviews. What were your experiences?  Some of the prices that I'm seeing are so much more affordable then booking a hotel, especially since it is over Christmas and the holidays.  I'm a little concerned though about not working through a hotel just because we don't speak French and it doesn't seem as secure as a hotel may be.  We don't really want to stay in hostels, so I thought that this may be a great option between the two?

Re: Using AirBnB in Europe

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    We booked an apartment on Airbnb for our honeymoon in Florence. We leave next Tuesday. We got an amazing deal - 10 nights for just under $1000. 

    You'll find that a lot of the hosts on Airbnb speak English. Read the reviews for each place you're looking at. It will give you a lot of info. 

    I can definitely update you on our experience once we return. 

  • @climbingBrideNY - That is a really good deal! You will definitely have to give some feedback when you get back.  I see some great options that have plenty of reviews, so I will look further into those.  I think that the reviews are probably the most beneficial way to see what the place is really like.
  • We used Airbnb to get a great little apartment in Rome. It was clear from corresponding with the owner that she spoke English, and Airbnb has a bunch of policies to help keep you secure. Like they keep your money until you're a day into your stay, so if there are any issues, the host gets nothing. Read the reviews carefully and you should be fine. I'll definitely use it in the future because it's a wonderful way to save money on lodging, Plus, because you generally have a kitchen, you save some money on meals.
  • We used it twice in Spain and it worked great for us each time. Had a bit of a problem at the second place when they weren't home when we were 'checking in' but that wasn't all that bad. We grabbed a bite to eat then went back.

    There was a little bit of uneasiness around waiting to be selected. Especially because we booked a day or so before we went to that city, but if you book in advance you shouldn't have issues. Also, there's some places that are just for renting which are more like a hotel- and then there's places where people live and they rent them out when they are gone. On the latter you'll have tons of personal stuff around the house. A Coworker did AirBnB for a flat in London. There was so much stuff crammed into the place they had no room for their stuff! He made the host empty out a closet so they couldn't store their clothes. 
  • Read up on reviews and you should be fine. 
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    ElcaB said:
    Read up on reviews and you should be fine. 
    Agreed. I used airbnb twice in Europe. Once in Paris and once in Prague. I LOVED the apartment we took in Paris, in the 4th arrondissement with a view of the Notre Dame. We were going to stay in a hotel but then last minute we decided we wanted a "Parisian" experience and it was great. The apartment is a second apartment of the owner, I suppose because from what it seemed it is only used for airbnb guests. The apartment was completely modern and renovated but in the top floor of a 8 floor walk-up, but with those really great wrap around stair-cases. Wasn't so fun the day we arrived with luggage but once we were settled it was actually really charming.  

    In Prague however, I regret using airbnb. The apartment was fine for sleeping, but as a PP said, this apartment was where someone actually lived. That being said, there was someone's personal things all over the place, which is fine, but FI and I were looking for a romantic get-a-away and doing so in someone elses apartment was not really the idea. Plus, for what we ended up spending for the apartment, staying at a hotel wouldn't have been much different. 

    Pricewise, however, in Paris was a significant difference. The hotels in the area we were looking at were going for around $400/night and we got the apartment for around $150/night.

    I think when it comes to using airbnb, besides price which is definitely a factor in some European cities, make sure you inquire within for every detail. For instance, we did not know before hand our apartment in Paris was an 8-floor walk up. Fortunately, we did not mind, but if you would mind, it is not a nice surprise to arrive to at 3 AM :)

    @brunchbride14 I realize this thread is 3 weeks old but if you haven't booked yet and  have any Paris specific airbnb questions feel free to PM me.
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  • This isn't something I would have considered, but it's encouraging to hear of other's experiences. Looking to do a trip through France, and it seems like this could be a more economical way to do this. Hope others will post their post-trip reviews!

    - AC
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    We just got back Friday. We were both so happy with the place we rented. All of the reviews were spot on. The place looked exactly like the pictures.

    The apartment was the downstairs of the house the couple owns and lives in. They were so nice and friendly and helpful. And it was great having them close by. They gave us maps and directories and tips on local places. They even gave us a bottle of wine when we arrived!

    So all in all, we had such a great experience.

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