Total Oregon Wedding Cost

Ok Oregon ladies! This poll is intended for married or engaged gals in their final stages of planning! If it's too nosey of question, you don't have to answer :)

How much was your total wedding cost?
if you are comfortable sharing below, how much was your original budget as well?

Re: Total Oregon Wedding Cost

  • summerslaosummerslao member
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    I'm about 5 weeks away and almost everything is paid for.  We're around the $20,000, but that includes our honeymoon to Europe which was pretty spendy.  I think our original budget was around $15,000 not really thinking about honeymoon so I think we did pretty good.  We didn't really scrimp on anything so I'm sure we could have done it for less. 


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    We had $5000 for our wedding budget (not including rings or honeymoon) and stuck to it.
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    We didn't really have a budget. My mom had made it clear that she would cover the cost of things, and while I tried to be somewhat money conscious we would show up at my (then) FI's apt with a random box of wedding stuff waiting for us many days. She went all out and ordered those crazy expensive fun little touches, like personalized M&M's and personalized dove chocolates and other things she thought were cute. I was totally okay with it, and just sort of let her run loose. I had a friend from high school do my boutineers and corsages and bouquets, and then my mom found a florist she loved and had her do huge arrangements to line the aisle with and double as centerpieces. It was fun and beautiful, and definitely more than I expected. Even though my wedding was just a little over $20,000 (which I thought was CRAZY) it was pretty economical in comparison because each of my 3 step sisters had really extravagent weddings (one was before our parents were married, the second one was about 50,000 and the third one about 80,000).
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    My parents offered to give $10k to the wedding.  In total, I will put about $5k into the wedding... dress, flowers, DJ deposit, videographer, cake, basically, the details.  So we've pretty much stayed on budget.  We are doing a 200 person wedding.
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    Our budget is about $10,000 without the honeymoon, which is a gift from FI's family. I wish we could have done it for less because it seems like so much money but I think it will really be worth it. We are having about 100+ guests, a casual wedding at a McMenamins and it is really what we want. Most of our budget is going towards food and alcohol.
    We are about 3.5 months away!
    Most of my friends I have talked to think we are doing ours very inexpensively without cutting out any of the basic things. I think as long as you are realistic about your budget and clear on what you want you can do your wedding within a budget. Good luck!
  • VitaLunaVitaLuna member
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    We are still aways away, but we have a $10,000 budget (not including rings and HM) and we're going to stick to it. Despite the fact that I'd like to have the freedom to spend whatever I want, I can't fathom paying more than that on a wedding (our budget is based on the combined contributions from my mom/step-dad, dad/step-mom, and FI's parents... we didn't want to start off our marriage in debt from a one day venture)
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    Our budget is 5-10k, sticking closer to 5k.  so far we're looking at about 6k (with rings, no honeymoon). 
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    $3500 for all. Although we are 8 whole months away, I know we will be sticking to it because we are doing it all cash, and that is how much cash there is, so we can't really go over. 
  • anvloveskmeanvloveskme member
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    We ended up around $17,500 - our estimated budget was around $15,000 and little things just kept sneaking in!  We paid for everything ourselves, so this includes rehearsal dinner, our hotel rooms and services I paid for myself and the bridal party the day of the wedding -it does include our wedding bands but not the engagement rings or honeymoon.  Luckily we had a ton of airmiles to use for that!.  We had our wedding in downtown Portland, 100 people with a full open bar...wouldn't have changed a thing!
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    2000 for our cannon beach wedding may be 500 for the honeymoon
    We have everything it just takes alot of diy work and imagination
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    Our orginal budget was 25k but is now just a little over 30k Frown We are paying for all the bridesmaids dresses, groomsmens clothing, etc. This does not include rings either.
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    we had a 5k budget... and we've gone over...

    But we've only put deposit down on one thing... and I think we're pulling it and doing it in Vegas. 

    compared the prices and the tickets (for our mothers and his son as well) and it's easily 2k less that way... with the awesome Elvis wedding package.
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    We agreed on 10K (not including rings/HM).  We are paying for everything ourselves, and we thought it was not wise to blow all our savings on one day.  Gotta have something for those rainy days!
    Everything has been pretty easy to do, a lot of DIY projects and a few shortcuts.  But you need to remember that those closest to you want to "celebrate" your union with you, not empty your pockets!  :)
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