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Assigned Seating @ Small Destination Wedding - Help!

I am having a small destination wedding, around 35 guests, we are not having a reception, just a sit down buffet style dinner after the ceremony. The venue has suggested that we'll have 2 long rows of tables with a top table for the groom and I and our parents surrounding us on both sides. My question I need to have assigned seating for all guests? Or should I just have place cards designating the spots for the groom and I and our parents next to us? If I was to have all assigned seating, since there really are no table numbers can I just put place cards at the place setting for each guest? Or can I have the place cards arranged at a table when you enter the space so each guest is able to place it on a spot of their liking? Not sure what to do. Thanks for the suggestions in advance!

Re: Assigned Seating @ Small Destination Wedding - Help!

  • I'm having the same difficulty deciding @KBlovesBG We are also having a small-ish DW. We invited 70 people but will most likely have 30-40 people coming. My venu wants to have small round tables for the reception but I really want just 2 long tables so everyone can sit and talk together. I cant decide whether or not to have place cards! I am thinking I may get them and just set them out like you said and people can place them where they would like to sit. Let me know if you get any other suggestions!
  • We are having 30-40 people at our DW.  We will do table numbers but not exactly assigned seating.  I hate when there is open seating at weddings.  It can be awkward for guests.  We will have round or square tables that seat 8-10, that way our guests can talk.  I feel like a long table only allows you to talk to those right next to you.   It is much nicer to know you are at table 6 and the bride and groom sat you with people you know or will have something in common with. 
  • I agree with @kimberly0315, it'd be easier for guests if you just assign seating and (if you won't have table numbers) put place cards on the table with the seats. Open seating presents problems because what if there's one chair open and a couple still needs seats (I had this happen and ended up having dinner away from DH)?


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  • We aren't assigning seats, but we have a smaller wedding. Only 18 including us. We are all sitting at one Roman table so I didn't feel the need for assigned seats.
  • We did assigned seating at ours as much as I didn't want to. And I wished I hadn't. We had 17 people including us. We did one large table and we reserved the head of the table and the seat to the right at both ends for ourselves. We switched ends halfway through dinner. My gut told me not to assign seats and I usually regret not listening to my gut. With that few guests it was just unnecessary and I wish everyone had just sat where they wanted to be, not where I dictated. Oh well, it wasn't a travesty or anything, just one of those hindsight things.
  • I have the same question: about 18 guests and a long table. The venue wants to do a single long table and I'm curious if it's best to mark just bride and groom's seats, no seats at all, or assign all seats. I know one consideration is if you only have as many seats as guests, I don't want any couples being accidentally split due to someone sitting down in an odd numbered position or something. I would be happy to sit by any of our guests and just want them to be as comfortable as possible. 
  • We had 30 guests plus ourselves at one long table, and we did a table plan. The venue strongly suggested it.

    It was more difficult than you'd think as with long tables people do get really spread out, but we managed and it looked beautiful and everyone had fun. We put ourselves in the middle.
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