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Outdoor BYOB venue in the South Jersey area

Hi everyone. I am looking for some help finding a nice outdoor area where we could hold a reception. I wanted to do something down the shore but many of the prices are way too expensive (but I am still open if anyone has ideas). We are also on a bit of a budget and would mostly be interested in places where you can bring your own alcohol....or are under $100pp (including taxes). I would appreciate your help....thank you so much!

Re: Outdoor BYOB venue in the South Jersey area

  • Have you found anything?

  • There are a few venues in the area that will be under $100 pp and have outdoor space, but none that I know of near the shore.  If Camden County area, some places to consider that will have an outdoor area and will/should fit into your budget: Brigalias in Sicklerville (I had my reception there, it's great and they give you A LOT for your money), Aulettos in Deptford, Valleybrook CC in Blackwood and Villari's Lakeside in Sicklerville.  Here are some others, but I'm not sure of their pricing: Scottish Run in Turnersville, Tavistock CC in Haddonfield, and Blue Heron Pines in Galloway Twp.
  • You should try Abbie holmes estate it is down near the beach and is a cheaper option.  They have a site fee of $3,500 and menu start at $55 a person plus the BYOB.


    Also if you do a Friday you might be able to get the sand Barrens at around $100  a person.

  • You can also try the women's civic club in stone harbor, they let you bring in everything and you just rent the venue, but you would need to set up your own tent outside

  • Thank you everyone...i have checked into a few of these places but nothing really stood out! I wanted everything outdoors...including the reception. We are looking for low key...kind of backyard type party and those type of venues are hard to find. Thanks
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