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Alternate to Stone House or Ryland Inn?

I really loved Stone House and Ryland Inn, but both are booked on my date. Can anyone offer suggestions for reception venues in/around central Jersey that are comparable to either of these places???

Re: Alternate to Stone House or Ryland Inn?

  • You probably know they are owned by the same people but I believe they are opening one more place in Jersey.  I know this because we looked at their Staten Island Property Snug Harbor.

    But you can look at Addison Park, Florentine Garden, The Palace, Park Savoy, The Grove, and Seasons
  • We were literally holding the pen to sign at the Stone House and changed our minds and booked the Palace instead. We switched because we got much, much more for the cost and it fit better into our budget. It is not the same but worth a visit...we tried to make it more Stonehouse-like with decor and centerpieces that were more modern. The only other place I wish we had visited which is similar is Natirar 90 Acres... Not sure how much it is but it is gorgeous.
  • These were my top 2 choices but both were pricey for me. I went with the Grand Colonial in Perryville/Hampton, NJ. Very well priced and good food (they have a restaurant). It may be a bit far but I wanted to suggest it!

    Ninety Acres is gorgoeus but very expensive. 
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