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Preserved Autumn Leaves as Placecards

I read a cool method to preserve autumn leaves that would keep them supple and pliable. We would like to do this, and the use metallic pen to write names on them, for our placecards for an autumn-themed wedding.

Has anyone used glycerin to preserve leaves before? We will not be doing the whole branch method, just soaking individual leaves.

Here are the guides I found and am referencing:

Whole branches:

Anyway I'll let you know how it goes! We ordered a quart of glycerin, should get it Monday, and will have results by the end of next week :)

Re: Preserved Autumn Leaves as Placecards

  • I don't know much about glycerin to preserve leaves but I've preserved autumn leaves from FI and my first date. All I did was press them and then laminate them though. It's been a year and the color is still good in most of them. It's starting to turn brown in a couple of them but I think that's because I didn't get all the air bubbles out when I laminated them.

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  • How did this work for you? I'm considering doing the same thing for my wedding this summer, but with green leaves. Did the color change after they were preserved? Also how did the metallic pen work after the leaves were soaked with glycerin? I heard that the glycerin can seep out if it is humid, which I'm a little worried about considering my wedding is in July! Did you run into any issues like that? Thanks!
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