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Enough sugar-shock for one wedding?

My fiance and I are big sweet tooths so we are having a dessert/candy buffet at our wedding.  As our favor (so to speak) we are providing take out boxes so our guests can take dessert on the road.  

Our menu is as follows: 
Cocktail Hour: 
Cheese/veggie/fruit display

Dinner (buffet style):
Baked chicken
stuffed shells (V)
mixed salad with a selection of dressings
macaroni and cheese
pretzel salad (or baked cinnamon apples depending on what is available)
green beans almandine
scalloped potatoes
fresh rolls

iced tea
signature cocktail (likely apple cider with cinnamon vodka) 
(We were originally planning on allowing people to purchase their own hard liquor but per the advice here, we have scrapped that)

chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (in lieu of a regular cake)

Dessert Bar (cakes and pies will be cut into small slices for people to be able to try):
pumpkin pie and cannoli ice cream (my FMIL manages an AMAZING ice cream parlor)
coconut cake
banana walnut cake
tin roof cake
apple crumb pie
pecan cream cheese pie
topsy-turvy pie
chocolate cream pie
pumpkin pie
lemon meringue pie
coconut custard pie

We are thinking of adding chocolate chip cookies and brownie bites (probably from sams club tbh, both for simplicity and to adhere to our venue's policies that food must be prepared in a health department approved kitchen)

With the sheer amount of dessert being offered, we aren't planning to offer a huge amount/variety of it.  I was thinking the following: 
mini chocolate bars and reese's cups
caramel creams
salt water taffy (from a local place known for it)
dumdums or some kind of fruity candy

I am not big on the color coordinate to your wedding thing but I also only want to do wrapped candies for the non-icky factor.  Do you think all of this sounds okay?  

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Re: Enough sugar-shock for one wedding?

  • That's a lot of sweet! Yum! So you basically have cupcakes instead of cake, then a dessert bar in addition to that, then a candy bar in addition to that. I would pick either the dessert bar or the candy bar as your favor.

    Or, do pre-made candy bags and put them at place settings. Then for dessert, have a big dessert buffet with the cupcakes + the dessert bar. 

    I think simpler is better.

  • I agree. I think the dessert bar sounds absolutely delicious, but at that point, the candy bar is pretty superfluous. I would keep the dessert bar and nix the candy bar, personally, so it's not overkill on sugar.
  • Thanks!  That's a couple hundred bucks I don't have to spend so that works for me.  Probably will still put out a bowl of dinner mints...
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  • If I was a guest at such a wedding, my sweet tooth would definitely thank you. I agree with those above who had stated that the candy bar would not be missed in this case. If you're already doing cupcakes, pies, cakes, and ice need for any more sugary things. It sounds like it will be a yummy event.
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