Recommendations for Jewelers in Pittsburgh

I have family in the Pittsburgh area and my boyfriend and I want to purchase a ring from a jeweler in Pittsburgh. Any recommendations? Any jewelers to stay away from? Thanks ladies! :) 

Re: Recommendations for Jewelers in Pittsburgh

  • Hi! I got my ring and my wedding ring from Goldstock's. My parents have been buying jewelry from there for over 25 years, and they've been around forever! I actually checked their diamond prices against Blue Nile. Blue Nile is supposed to be cheap because it's online... but Goldstock was actually right around the same as the online prices. They're employees are super helpful and any time I've gone in there to look at something they offer to clean my ring and check the prongs! Nothing but good things to say! :)
  • Thanks so much! I'm actually closer to South Hills area and visited South Hills Jewelers the ladies there were so friendly and helpful! I am planning to go into the city this Saturday and check out Goldstocks before making a final decision! :) 
  • Henne Jewelers all the way. It is in Shadyside. While Goldstock and the others in the Clark Building are usually advertised as lower prices, my experience at Goldstock was that they were not willing to work with me as much as I wanted them to. I've done a lot of research on diamonds, and to be honest, I probably freaked them out a little because I acually knew what they were talking about, and I wasn't going to let their pricing fool me. I knew exactly what I wanted, and knew exactly what the price should be. Goldstock had rings similar to what I wanted, and when I said I didnt really love what they had, it was pretty much like, well thats it. At Henne, my lady sent me over 100 options for diamonds that they could ship in for me fom all over the country if needed so that I could really see them. And they are really able to work with pricing. If your fiance is able to pay in cash, you will save the credit card fee. Also, ifyou have family out of

    State that you trust, ship your ring to them. We shipped out of state and saved the PA sales tax of 7%. The ring I wanted was a little out of budget and my fiancé told him what he was willing to pay bottom line and if they couldn’t do it then we wanted more options to look at, and they met his price without question.  Ask for Debbie, she is fantastic. Henne also presents you with a book about marriage because they say they do see couples come in together, and then eventually one of them comes back trying to sell the ring back because it didn’t work out. They give you the book because they really care that love it what really matters between you, not the piece of jewelry. Also, they gave us a nice jewelry cleaner, $100 to Capital Grille, a yearly massage package, if you get marriage counseling you get $100s off your band purchase, and also discounts from wedding vendors they work with. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    You may not be as particular as me, but many jewelers rip you off and you don’t know it until your ring gets appraised, or you don’t know it because research wasn’t done. But, if you want any help or other suggestions, let me know! I know we will definitely use Henne for our bands and any other jewelry purchases. My fiancé is really happy that we learned about diamonds and jewelry because he knows what is really quality now and what to look for.

  • I second Henne, they were lovely when I went. I didn't end in purchasing in Pittsburgh,but they were amazingly helpful
  • My fiance and I designed my ring with Michael Vesly at the Vault in Monroeville. He is right in front of the mall in the old bank. My finance picked the center diamond from loose diamonds and I had input in the overall design and the size of the diamonds surrounding my center one and down the sides (all the ones we found on the market were too small for my taste). I also didn't want a super high set diamond that woudl get caught on things but also wanted it high enough that my wedding band would not have to be cut to fit around it. While it is certainly cost prohibitive, I know I have an amazing ring that no one else will have because it is just mine! I would recommend him as well for his knowledge and experience. He taught us things throughout the process that I never would have known otherwise!

  • JAB in the South Hills!! They are amazing!! You can design your own ring and they are great with service and prices.  I am one of many among my friends and family to have a ring from there. 
  • Trinity jewelers in mt nebo! Family owned and so nice!!!! Gorgeous selections and decently priced
  • has anyone heard anything on GDC jewelers in north Huntington?
  • I just got my ring from Henne's and Debbie also helped my fiance! She was so helpful putting together what I liked with what was in our budget! She also worked to get the price down by changing the setting from platinum to white gold.  Fabulous place, wonderful experience, and I feel like they cherished the experience with us - something I wouldn't have ever expected!
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