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July 2014 Brides Advice for July 2015 Brides

There was a message like this on the July 2014 board last year, so I thought I'd start a new one. That message wasn't terribly active, so I don't believe this one will get a ton of traffic, but it's helpful either way.

Brides from 2014 please leave your best advice, tips, and tricks for our 2015 wedding date twins.

1. Hem your dress to flat feet. I hemmed mine to flat feet and then I had about 3 inch heels. It let the heels just peek out under my dress and when I changed to my flats at the reception it was a perfect length and I never tripped over it. Check out the picture of my heels peeking out.

2. Bathroom. You can do it by yourself! Directions: pull your dress up in front and pull panties all the way down and off one ankle, walk onto the toilet facing the back. Sit facing backwards (towards the tank). Do business. Put panties back on. Boom--no help needed!

3. Take time to make a good photo list for your photographer.

4. Make sure to have food when everyone is getting ready in the morning/afternoon. And plan snacks and drinks all day. Bagels, meat and cheese tray, crackers, apples, grapes, sandwiches, coffee--Everyone will be happier with some food! And make sure to have lots of bottled water. Investing in a nice cooler bag was a huge lifesaver for us.

5. Don't feel rushed. I did and I totally didn't need to. The priest, DJ, toasts, photographer will all wait for you. Plan ahead as to make sure you have plenty of time, but don't feel like they won't wait one minute for you to bustle your dress before you're introduced.

6. Make sure you're tired the day before so you can sleep, but don't count on being able to sleep well. I was up at 9am the Friday before our wedding to make sure I was tired that night. I was in bed a little after midnight and fell right to sleep, but then I was awake at 5:30am! I didn't have to be at the salon for like 3 hours, but I was so excited all day that I didn't even notice being tired.

7. Honeymoon. Give yourself a day or two before you leave. Do whatever you can to avoid leaving on Sunday or Monday morning. Don't spend your entire first day in Mexico sleeping!

8. Take a minute alone with you new husband. H and I drove around the block after our "grand exit". Only took 5 minutes, but was great to talk and be alone for that moment.

9. Take a minute to yourself at the reception. Step away from the dance floor and just take a mental picture of the room. Take it all in.

10. Give someone else your phone too keep you on track. And hand off your camera to someone else to get some shots for you.

11. If someone is taking video besides a videographer, get them 2 memory cards (1 for ceremony, 1 for reception).

And like everyone says....enjoy every minute!!

Re: July 2014 Brides Advice for July 2015 Brides

  • love this thank you!
  • Thank you for sharing!
  • Congrats to all of the 2015 July Brides. I was a July 4th bride last year! Cheers to the summer weddings :-) Some of my advice is below

    1. No stress zone. This piece of advice that kept me from stressing out by my maid of honor's mother: "You already have the most important thing, the groom. Everything else is extra." Keep that in mind when you start to stress over the right color, fabric, any of the other non-sense

    2. Ignore negative people. Anyone who complains to you on the months, weeks, days leading up to your wedding, NEEDS to stay at home. If you do your part in getting good rates on rooms and spreading the word in advance (at least 8-12 months), then those who want to come & love you most, will be there. Don't sweat the rest ;-) 

    3. Screw flowers. We used candles as centerpieces from hobby lobby and our guests were so caught up in the fact that they got to eat fish AND chicken, drink from an open bar all night long, and watch fireworks from a floor to ceiling view, that they didn't really care. We saved $5,000 by going this route. 

    4. Practice the first dance. My husband hates dancing, but we both would have been more comfortable if we didn't spend our first dance turning in a circle. Have fun, make it dramatic, make it silly, but don't just wing it. 

    5. Wedding Week Wind Down. Leave nothing to do on the week of your wedding. Have a friend, relative, or planner take care of it all. You need to focus on looking gorgeous and saving up all your good juju for all of the mingling you'll be doing at the reception. 

    6. Do the First Look. It's ok to break tradition. I had to get through a crowd of our relatives and friends before I even saw my husband, and I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if we had a moment alone to just take it all in together.

    7. Marriage License. Follow up on your marriage license as soon as you get home. If you're letting your officiant file it, make sure that it got turned in. If you're filing it yourself, do it ASAP. You don't want to go through all of this to not be officially official ;-) 

    That's all I got so far. 
  • Can't believe I forgot about the first look! Yes! Do the first look.

    I was super nervous before we did our first look and then after that I was totally calm. Well not perfectly calm, but much better. If you're worried about the "moment". DH was smiling/laughing during our first look and cried when I walked down the aisle. TWO great moments.

    And we got some of our best pictures during our first look. Check out attachments.

    FIRST LOOK can't recommend it enough.
  • Great advice, ladies! Thank you for sharing it with us :)
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