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Destination Post-Ceremony Dinners

I need some help with the post ceremony dinner.  My fiancé and I decided to have our wedding in Punta Cana 2015.  We have booked it and let everyone know.  Now, we have more guests coming than we wanted (that's another topic).  BUT - I am having a hard time coming to terms w/ the "semi-private" dinner that is offered in our wedding package.  I would prefer the private beach dinner w/ a local band to have our own private dinner/dance/drinks time.  However, its extra money per person and the semi-private dinner is apart of our package. 

If you have done the semi-private dinner, how was it?  We are at about 29 guests on the confirmed list with probably 10 or 15 more that will join us. 

Any suggestions on making the post-ceremony time still wedding-ish? I don't want it to feel like the ceremony is done so... we're all going back to our rooms now. 

Please help! :)



Re: Destination Post-Ceremony Dinners

  • What do you mean you have 29 guests plus 10 or 15 more? Did you invite those 10 to 15? 

    I had guests bring friends and family with them to our destination wedding. However, as they were not invited and did not come to ceremony or reception. 

    Can't help with the semi-private dinner. We did our wedding and reception at an off-resort private beach club. 
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  • Hi. I struggled with the very same thing! It didn't really feel like a wedding if it was just the ceremony and then we go hang out with the rest of the resort. We opted to rent one of the open-air restaurants. Unfortunately, that meant quite a bit more money, but it was worth it. We are getting married at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro and opted for the La Perla open air as our reception venue. So we will have choice of one entree for everyone (which you have to pay for...crazy considering we are at an all-inclusive) we then will have a 2 hour post dinner reception with an open bar and dj and dancing. Let me know if there is anything i can help you with!
  • We had a private reception, and it was worth every penny!  We also had the option to have a free semi-private event in one of the restaurants for free with our package, and I'm so glad we chose not to do that.   

    We saw one of those "receptions" at our resort while we were eating dinner, and it just looked like a random get-together with a few really dressed up people.  We could all see and hear anything as they were just out in the open by the rest of us, and there really wasn't much mingling or anything within their group as everyone was just sitting at their individual tables and then just got up and left when they were each done. 
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