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Changing Last name as a suprise to Fiance

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SO i NEVER EVER wanted to change my last name, i love my last name and always have!  However although i have told this to the fiance even before we were serious dating he has been persistent on me doing so.  Little does he know the moment he asked me to be his wife i decided right there and than i would change me name and we would be the Mr and Mrs he has wanted!  HERE IS MY QUESTION! i need a fun way to reveal to him i am doing so! there are 2 dates im choosing from, eaither his birthday or our anniversary, either one i want to do before wedding so thats not a negative thought on his mind going into the big day!  Any help or suggestions would be great!  The only ideas i have so far are (we are tattoo-loving people) getting a sharpie tattoo of his lastname on me by our artist, or because our anniversary is Christmas, getting a Mr and Mrs __Last name__ on a ornament.  I am pretty sure he would like the fake tattoo idea better its more us, were are silly/fun, but the ornament is nice keepsake.   Again, thank you in advance!

Re: Changing Last name as a suprise to Fiance

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    I think I would probably just tell him that you decided to change your name? I don't really see the need for something cutesy. I think just telling him face to face that you will be changing it because you love and care for him would speak volumes. But that's just my opinion :)
  • I responded to you in Pre-Wedding Parties. It helps to put "XP" in both discussion titles so people aren't confused.

  • What about ordering address labels with your new last name on it "Bob and Jane Smith" and you can break the news to him when he see's them. Heck, it's pratical too because you can use them for your thank you cards. Not super creative but still more then just saying it.

  • I tried to delete the post on the other thread i did not know where to post at first.  Thank you for the responses.  I want to do a cutesy thing because my Fiance does love surprises and making a big deal out of it because its a big deal to the both of us.  Address labels are cute, maybe i can mail him a birthday card with the new label on it!
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    I feel like the decision to change your name is a pretty mature and adult one, and should be treated as such.
  • Personally, I'd get a pair of cute panties with Mrs. Newlastname on the back. I honestly don't think finding a cute way to surprise him is a bad thing or immature. So long as you're making the decision for the right reason, who cares? Have fun with it.
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