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Is anyone getting married at the Annapolis Marriott in Maryland and tried to book a block of rooms there? I received a quote today. It was $299 a night with a 2 night minimum. I think that is absolutely ridiculous to ask guests to pay that much to come to my wedding. I will not block rooms there if they will not haggle down the cost and waive the 2 night minimum.I was wondering if anyone has been able to drop the price significantly and waive the 2 night minimum there. Thanks in advance for the feedback.Also, if you are getting married there, do you have any recommendations for other hotels near the area ( I know I can prob. just google this haha) that are much more reasonable in cost.Thank you :)

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  • I am going to move this to the Baltimore local board where you will get more feedback!


  • Thank you so much!
  • We're having our wedding in Annapolis and hotels were terrifying. Everyone had SUCH high rates, so many 2-night minimums. We ended up going with the O'Callaghan. I was surprised - it's a nice, unique place so I assumed they'd be super expensive but they were the cheapest so far and do easy courtesy blocks without this 2 night minimum crap.

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  • We are getting married at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. I blocked off rooms at the Marriott for people who wanted something waterfront, but also Loews. The Loews hotel is $209 per night with a two night minimum. I also listed some more affordable hotels on our wedding website though I didn't block them off, like the Holiday Inn near Towne Center.
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