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Nevada-Las Vegas

where are you having your reception dinner?

I'm having second thoughts about what I want to do.  I know I don't want Italian food.  I think we are going to have a group of 20-25.

Re: where are you having your reception dinner?

  • Before we decided to just get the reception package with our wedding ceremony, we were thinking Maggianos, but that's Italian. Or StripBurger even, but that seemed too casual. What about in-suite catering (if you have a suite)?
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  • We are planning on doing light apps in suite then doing a dinner that evening.
  • Eiffel Tower restaurant for us, reviews are amazing, can't wait :)
  • Aria Cafe for us. We didn't want a private area and they have a good selection.
  • Joe's Steak & Stone Crab - Forum Shops
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  • As of right now, Sugar Factory but our RSVP number will determine it in the end since Sugar Factory is remodeling to only hold 50. 
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  • We will be doing an in suite reception. I think that's the only thing we have definitely planned so far lol
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  • @hmgiffor, did you talk to the manager at Sugar Factory?  I saw his note he left on my page here so I emailed him.  No reply.  Seriously, that's crazy to me, especially when you ASKED me to contact you.  WTF?
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  • Yea I have talked to him lots. I will hopefully book Sugar Factory this month. That's crazy he didn't respond to you! How long ago did you email him?
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  • Last Monday morning.  So it's been a week.  I'm glad at least you got a response.  I hope that all works out.  I have a reservation there for a bachelorette luncheon but I'm going to cancel it.  I'm only basing it on my experience, but that's been really crappy.  Left a bad taste in my mouth all the way around and I'm not anxious to give money to a place that obviously doesn't seem interested at all in my business.

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  • KrisLSmiley have you had any trouble with getting in touch with the events person? im feeling alot like @dbacksgirl not real anxious to hand over my money. 
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  • I emailed my girl at Wicked Spoon to clarify some things with her and she's out for 2 weeks!  Ugh.  I would email someone else there, but several people told me to try Rose and she quoted me about $5 more pp.  We are trying to stay away from the chain restaurants.  Who knows what we will end up doing.
  • @chelsea&;brianvegas- no problems contacting Joe's Nicole has been great. I went and toured the room too and she was very helpful and reassuring.
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • I'm having second thoughts about what I want to do.  I know I don't want Italian food.  I think we are going to have a group of 20-25.
    Im not sure how their group pricing is but my wife and I love N9NE at the Palms; one of our favorite restaurants ever, mostly because of the incredible Surf N Turf.

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  • Waiting for RSVPs is killing me.  How do you plan for between 11-30 people?  
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago
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    Waiting for RSVPs is killing me.  How do you plan for between 11-30 people?  
    You plan on 30. If you end up with fewer, the restaurant will adjust the seating/tables. Talk to your venue coordinator. They'll have options.

  • This just seems impossible to do to me. If we only have 11, then we can have a nicer dinner at a restaurant with more intimate, private seating for 12. If we have more than that, obviously we have to pick something different. I guess we will just pick 2 options and go with whichever we have to. We were really trying to avoid a large private space as we don't think we would hit the minimum charge.
  • I know it is tough. We are preparing for the higher number since it is more difficult to find a space for 60 people. We made sure that there is a 100% refund policy if we change our mind. When our RSVPs come back in January, we will make a final decision on dinner location if we have more/less. I figure January is 3 months out so we will be kicking it into high gear :) 
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  • We are already about 3 months out.  The rsvp deadline is towards the end of this month.  Hopefully people will return them.  
  • Are you guys buying alcohol during dinner as a package, or just doing consumption? We have some heavy drinkers, but I think a lot of them might be pretty liquored up by the time we get to dinner.
  • We are doing open bar as we have heavy drinkers and I'd hate to see the bill at the end based on consumption lol
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