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What Color Should Groomsmen Wear

Hello all! My bridesmaids are wearing navy and my wedding is after five. Any suggestions on what the grromsmen should wear? If they wore navy would that be too much or should they go with a traditional black tux?

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    Tuxedos are BLACK.  Navy, charcoal, or grey suits would be fine, too.  @doeydo, give us some pictures!
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  • If they wear a tux, black.
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  • Below are some pictures of groomsmen in different colours next to bridesmaids in navy.  Navy:
    Liking the navy blue dresses with charcoal grey suits.
    ashley8918[Deleted User]
  • I had navy dresses and navy suits!!!  It looked awesome!
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  • I personally like navy and grey/charcoal togehter.
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  • My BMs wore navy and the GMs wore black suits. It looked really nice and classic. 

    For the GMs, it was about the same to buy a black suit as to rent a tux. And now they can use that suit for anything.

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  • After reviewing those pictures I liked teh Grey or Charcoal! 

  • I think that the navy suits actually look awesome with the dresses! My personal taste would be to go with the gray, but I think either of those 2 colors look classic and handsome. I'm not really into black tuxes.If you go with navy, I would definitely stay away from having the girls carry navy flowers. They might blend in too much. I like how in the picture, the guys have a white boutonniere because it makes it pop. 

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