XP: Ideas for Kentucky themed welcome bags

All my guests are coming from out of state so I'm looking for some small items to include in my guest welcome bags that are Kentucky or specifically Lexington, KY themed. So far I've thought of bourbon balls and little bottles of bourbon or whiskey. I was thinking of trying to find horseshoe magnets or ornaments or something to represent it being horse country out here. 

X-posted to the Favors board because this board isn't very active...Does anyone have any thoughts?

Re: XP: Ideas for Kentucky themed welcome bags

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    I'm trying to think of other things beside horses/derby but all I can come up with is Derby pie!
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    I found some single serve derby pies online I'm probably going to include! :)
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    Is there a certain place in Lexington that means a lot to you? Obviously, UK is huge in Lexington/Kentucky in general. But, if it's just a general Lexington/Kentucky favor, mini bottles of KY Bourbon would be good, Ale 8 is a huge one for OOT guests in my group. But, if there's a special place for you two, may be good to include treats or gifts from that place too.
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