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Yay or Nay for DIY Centerpiece

What do you guys think? The center bouquet will be completely white.

Thanks :)

Re: Yay or Nay for DIY Centerpiece

  • I will be totally honest and say that I'm not 100% feeling the rhinestones on the taller vase.  The lace, clear glass, water beads, and flower candles are all kind of soft and girly, pretty touches.  The rhinestone adds almost a punk kind of vibe (it may be the black netting they're on).  Will you be using artificial flowers at the wedding?  (Please know that I don't judge you for the answer to that!  I'm just curious if this is the exact look you're going for in the photo, or if the photo is more like inspiration for the real thing. :)

  • Inspiration, good point! Thank you. I am doing an real flower bouquets, a mix of white and red roses.

  • Sounds good! :)  Is it a Christmas-time wedding?

  • For me personally I think I would skip the lace heart, it's cute, but doesn't go with the rhinestones. I would consider adding one more candle jar so you have 3 (or maybe even 4) to create kind of a circle around the vase of flowers. Check with your venue about the shorter candles, some venues require that any flames must be totally enclosed. Meaning you might have to get a slightly larger vase to for the candles so that the flame is below the top of the vase. For the flower vase, consider adding some of the water balls (the crystals that soak up water to become nice clear balls). They will help hold your flowers in place and hide the stems also. They can be cheaper then doing the glass rocks for everything.
  • I say, ditch the doily lace heart and the rest looks good! Love the rhinestone tops.
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  • esstee33esstee33 Pittsburgh member
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    Agreed w/ ditching the lace heart, but I love everything else!
  • Ditto PPs on the rhinestones and lace heart. I think both are a little much and will take your guests' eyes off your beautiful flowers.

    Have you tested out the floating candles? I would light one and watch it periodically over several hours (i.e. the duration of your reception). My guess is that it won't look much like a rose anymore and/or it'll burn down completely. If that's the case, you could always use regular votives instead. 

  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I don't care for the lace heart, it just looks very........not right. I think filing the vase with clear rocks or water balls would be a better option. 

    The rhinestones are okay, but if you want to avoid the punk feel, get ones with silver settings. The black and rhinestone screams punk.

  • Lovely, you guys are so helpful! :) It is a fall wedding, with a red theme. I was a bit skeptical about the lace heart as well.

  • Considering it's a day time wedding, would it be super weird not to light the candles, and have them for decoration purposes only?
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    I would also recommend dropping the red candles and going with a clean white.  The red flowers with the red candles and the red rose petals would look like overkill to me and I personally always feel that coloured candles can look cheap.  White/Ivory is clean, classic and will all people's eye to be drawn to the flowers.

    I also agree with previous posters on the rhinestones and white lace thing on the vase... overkill.
  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    Considering it's a day time wedding, would it be super weird not to light the candles, and have them for decoration purposes only?
    I had a daytime wedding and still burned white taper candles on the tables.  They just set the mood.

    I would consider losing BOTH the lace heart and the rinestones.  Let the flowers and candles do the work.  If you really like both options I would just pick one, you don't need both.
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