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1.  The desk I'm heavily considering for the new house.  It can be turned into a L shape.  There's a matching hutch, file cabinet, and bookshelves (tall and short).  I'm just getting the desk now, but it's nice to know that I can add to it if I want to down the line:  

2. I found so many notes and letters from my childhood friends this weekend.  I did not realize how much my friends and I wrote to one another back in the day (like put a stamp on it and mail it and notes in class).  I kept a lot of them and will go back and read them eventually.  

3. I found a couple books of Victorian Paper Dolls that I used to collect back in the day and they're in good condition.  I told DH I was going to offer them to my friend with little girls and he was all, "Pshhh...She won't want them."  She does want them.  Oh DH.  

4. DH wanted the biggest moving truck, but it's gone for our moving date.  I reserved the next size down.  I'm probably not even going to tell DH.  He'll just be annoying about it and/or want me to find another one or something stupid.  He told me he was going to take care of the moving truck and he didn't.  He gets what he gets.  We have an Acadia and 3 people with pickup trucks coming to help us.  And I plan on taking stuff over to the house pretty much every day next week after we close.  I think we'll be OK. 

5.  My baby's half birthday was yesterday.  He's 3.5.  Where is time going?!   He's in a 50/50 sweet/sassy stage.  He did bite the kiddo's ear yesterday when he was pretending to be a puppy.  ::smh:: 


Re: Randoms

  • I am so late here, but I'm not going to start a new "randoms" thread when this one is still perfectly good.  ::brushes dust off::

    I ate my last Ghirardelli square and I want more chocolate and everything the vending machine has is crap.  I spit on your fucking Three Musketeers.

    Related:  started buying Halloween candy already (because I am a dork), and I bought stuff that DD loves and I can take or leave, so I won't be tempted.  Laffy Taffy, Ring Pops, that mixed up bag of Tootsie Rolls, flavored Tootsie Rolls, and Tootsie Pops.  Meh to all of it, and that's a good thing.
  • My mother just called all in a huff because she's having issues adjusting the thermostat. I tried to help and she wasn't understanding what I told her to do.

    I have a headache now.

    14 days..........

  • Pick up extra wine on the way home, Nola. 

    I'd be eating the shit out of your candy stash, Heff.  I love flavored tootsie rolls, dots, laffy taffy, etc.  GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!  ;) 
  • I commandeered the studio at our office gym and did a double T25 workout at lunch. (They do a run outdoors on Tuesday during the 11:15-12:15 slot, so nobody is using the room until 12:15 yoga.) 

    I have a mentoring session this afternoon with one of the Directors of our engineering group - should be really great chance to discuss development planning and career opportunities. 

    less than 48 hours until I'm in Vegas!
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    I'd be eating the shit out of your candy stash, Heff.  I love flavored tootsie rolls, dots, laffy taffy, etc.  GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!  ;) 
    You and DD.  I love Tootsie Pops, but I don't eat them compulsively like I do with chocolate.  The last time I bought candy more than a couple of days beforehand, I picked out all the M&Ms and Milky Ways, and DH picked out all the Snickers.  We were left with like a dozen stupid Three Musketeers and had to make a last minute candy run.

    Fun (random) fact:  when I was in business school, this little old lady came to speak at an event.  Our strategy professor made it required for our class, so we all went, and it turned out Old Lady was part of the family that owns Tootsie Roll.  She talked about their advertising (the old "How many licks..." commercial), production, stuff like that.  She was sweet.  The next time our strategy class met, our professor was ripping her up one side and down the other:  no product development, no innovation, the "How many licks" thing was decades old, you name it.  Which yeah, maybe, but a) they are apparently quite successful, and b) So, what have you done lately, Professor Downer? 

    Also, at the event we received a shitton of Tootsie goodies.  You would have died, mrs.conn.  It was fall semester so it all went into our ToT stash. 

    ETA:  correction, I love Tootsie Pops, not Rolls.
  • I have to wait to buy Halloween candy or we end up buying more because we eat it.  We all can stand about a week until we're tearing into it. 

    I'm not sure we're going to have ToTers at the new house.  We're on a main road and have a long driveway. 
  • I'm not sure we're going to have ToTers at the new house.  We're on a main road and have a long driveway. 
    I have the opposite issue: with all the kids in our new neighborhood (which I've mentioned like 1100 times, I know), I have no idea how much candy to buy. I got a giant plastic cauldron at Target, and our Sam's tubs of Laffy Taffy and Ring Pops plus 3 lbs of Tootsie goodies only filled it about 2/3 full. This is our first Halloween here, I don't want to be known as that family who turned off their light after 20 minutes because they ran out of candy. The maple in front is an easy tp-ing target. :\ DD is in love with the cauldron. She wants to reuse it for St. Patrick's Day and fill it with gold and make a rainbow. Also, she was sniffing the little cartons of Dots like they were a fine Bordeaux, really savoring the aroma. A nice nose with hints of orange and lime, I guess?
  • I wanted to buy candy corn today but all I could find was the cheap Meijer brand that kind of sucks.  a lot.

    We're doing a Halloween Bunco.  I bought some temporary tattoo scratches to put on my face.  Now I'm wondering if it'll last for days and if it will irritate my skin.  It could make for an interesting rest of the weekend.

  • people drive kids to our neighborhood to TOT, although a bunch of the houses aren't giving out candy, so I'm not really sure why they bother. We get a bunch of bags of "fun size" stuff and give each kid a few pieces. There's like 3 houses in the neighborhood who decorate (including us) - but ours is the best one. I'm betting DK will put everything up while I'm out of town, this weekend. 

    My ILs started giving out full size bars a few years ago, and MIL was complaining that they got something like 200 kids last year. 
  • Today's random...I was forwarded an e-mail from my mom that had the full name of the loan originator (who has been lying his ass off from day 1 and is the reason why we got fucked regarding closing on time).  I looked him up on FB.  It was too easy.  His occupation is listed publicly and his page is pretty open. 

    He's totally a douchey dudebro. 
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