Bridal Shops in Portland area?

Hi Ladies,

I an going to be visiting the future ILs for the holidays and they are pretty close to Portland.

Can you think of any birdal shops that sell wedding dresses for under $400?  Or brands that fall into this category?

I'm going through Google maps to locate shops, but then weeding through all the brands the stores offer and trying to research what those brands cost is kind of time consuming!  I am leaving Saturday 12/24.

Open to suggestions!

Re: Bridal Shops in Portland area?

  • I HIGHLY recommend Charlotte's in Beaverton. Ask for Raimi. I had a $500 budget and I left with a higher priced dress on sale for $400. They treated me just as important as someone with $$$$$$$$ to spend. I didn't find that anywhere else. David's was a nightmare!!! Seriously, I had lots of dresses to try on in my price range. The rooms are huge and Raimi was so attentive!! Good luck.
  • Thanks ladies!  FI and I are only visiting for 5 days, and just one of those days we have nothing planned. 

    FSIL mentioned something about "trying on dresses when you're here" on Facebook, but unless they ask me flat out if I'd like to go dress shopping (they'd have to drive me since we are flying in), I won't ask specifically.  But I do want to have a list ready in case they do offer to drive me around!

  • Good luck, and have a great time when you come to town! I agree with everyone Cabove. I bought my dress from Bridal Exclusive, they have a very similar stock to Charlotte's. My dress was cheaper at BE, and they gave me a coupon from a bridal show I attended. You will find something beautiful in your price range, and don't settle!!! It's your wedding day too ;)
    ~All the love you put out will return to you~
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